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Abilities Nahel bond, Windrunner magic, Splinter of Honor
Bonded With Vratim (formerly)
Species Honorspren
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Rhythm of War

Yunfah is an honorspren on Roshar. He was bonded to Windrunner Vratim before their death.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

In the Physical Realm, Yunfah can change his shape and size like any other honorspren. To Kaladin, he appears as tiny old man with a long beard flying on a small cloud.[1]

Yunfah doesn't seem to be affected much by the death of his bonded Radiant. Like other honorspren, Yunfah too likes hierarchy and considers Kaladin his superior. He detests the idea of bonding with a singer, even one fighting against Odium. According to Syl, Yunfah loves the Physical Realm and doesn't want to return to Shadesmar.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Being an honorspren, Yunfah can form a Nahel bond with a willing human. This bond gives the bonded human access to the Surges of the Order of Windrunners, namely Adhesion and Gravitation.


During the True Desolation, Yunfah was among the honorspren who left Shadesmar, against the will of senior honorspren, to bond humans.[1]

He later bonded Vratim, making them a Windrunner. Vratim later died during a battle.[1]

A few months later Kaladin ordered Yunfah to try bonding with Rlain within ten days, to which Yunfah reluctantly agreed.[1] Later, Rlain rejected the bond viewing it as 'forced'.[2]


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