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Type Greatshell
Native to Marabethia
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Yu-nerig are a species of marine greatshell native to the seas near Marabethia on Roshar.[1] They are known for their succulent flavor.[2]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Like all greatshell species, yu-nerig contain gemhearts - smaller than those of larger species like chasmfiends, but still of respectable size.[2] The chrysalises they make when they pupate are similar in shape and texture to those of chasmfiends.[1]


Yu-nerig normally live in the sea depths, and only come onto land to pupate.[2][1] They also form symbiotic bonds with spren, like most creatures on Roshar.[3] This is one of the factors that allow them, like all greatshells, to grow to such large sizes.[4]


Marabethian criminal code allows the prisoners condemned to capital punishment to be used as a bait for the yu-nerig in order to be pardoned. The criminals are dangled over a seaside cliff when the water is at high tide with a cut sliced in each of their cheeks, and told their crimes will be pardoned if they hang there for a week and are not eaten by the yu-nerig. They are usually attacked within the first day, however most prisoners still opt to take the chance. The Marabethian saying of "you have eyes of red and blue" is a reference to this, as they say the prisoners can see only two things: red for the blood dripping from their wounds and blue for the sea.[2]


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