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Profession Author
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Ytves is the author of Studies in Revolution during the Final Empire. His book is recalled by Elend during the Siege of Luthadel. It found that rebellions against the Lord Ruler often fizzled out on their own because people were unsure how to govern themselves after having known only the Lord Ruler's dictatorship.[1]

We have seen a curious phenomenon associated with rebel groups that break off of the Final Empire and attempt to seek autonomy. In almost all cases, the Lord Ruler didn’t need to send his armies to reconquer the rebels. By the time his agents arrived, the groups had overthrown themselves. It seems that the rebels found the chaos of transition more difficult to accept than the tyranny they had known before. They joyfully welcomed back authority—even oppressive authority—for it was less painful for them than uncertainty.

—Ytves, from Studies in Revolution[1]


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