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|books=[[Mistborn Era 1]]

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Died 1022 FE
Groups Kelsier's crew
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Yeden was a skaa from the Final Empire on Scadrial.

He was the one who contracted Kelsier's crew in a bid to bring down the Lord Ruler. Originally, he has also financed the undertaking, as he was the leader of the skaa rebellion. While he disliked the style of life of the skaa thieves, he acknowledged the skill of the crew to overthrow the Final Empire by supplying them with an army and then providing an opportunity to take control of Luthadel.[1]

During the first stages of Kelsier's plan he was unsure about it , and often seemed ready to abort it, but as the plan progressed and the results started to show, his attitude improved.[2] He started to wear nicer clothing, no longer emphasizing his skaa worker roots, and deferred to Kelsier more.

Somewhere close to the fruition of the rebellion's plans, Yeden was given temporary command of the accumulated skaa army.[3] He already believed in Kelsier's vision, but actually being made general seemed to make him overconfident. After being given control, he led the army against the Holstep Garrison, well before the planned time.[4]. The army finished off the Holstep Garrison, then tried to march back to the caves. But Valtroux city was only a few days away, and its garrison was five thousand strong. They intercepted and massacred the army, including Yeden.


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