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Spouse Friag
Children Thunor
Siblings Logna
Homeworld Earth (Frugal Wizard)

Woden is a deity worshiped by the Weswarans and Hordamen. He is said to be the father of Thunor, the husband of Friag[1], and the brother of Logna[2]. John West recognizes the name as equivalent to Odin[1].

The birthmarks of a skop are said to be a sign of being chosen by Woden[3].

Wodensday is the local equivalent of Wednesday.


Sefawynn says that Woden demands sacrifice[1], and Ealstan says he rewards blood offerings[4], but Logna says that this is wrong and Woden only ever cared about victory[2]. According to Logna, Woden hates losing[2] and fears pain and the thought that he will someday die[5].

Ealstan says that Woden does not care about being worshipped so long as he is obeyed and feared[6].


In response to Friag's death at the battle of Badon[3],Woden forbade humans to use writing (which had been Friag's invention)[1].

By the time John West arrives, Woden has abandoned the Weswarans in favor of the Hordamen[7]. Ultimately, Woden inspires a major invasion of Hordamen intended to destroy the Weswarans[4] in order to eliminate the "outsiders" from another dimension[2] and to serve as an example to intimidate his other worshippers[5]. When that invasion is defeated, Weswarans begin to see Woden as an enemy god[8].


  • In real-world mythology and religion, Woden is the Old English equivalent of the Norse Odin. The name is the source of modern English Wednesday ("Woden's day").[9]


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