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Universe Wode States
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The Wode are a group of humans who administrate the States. They use XinWey's Doctrine to govern the Liveborn, and control the programming of the States and all the Machineborn in them.


The Wode had only interfered with my life twice. First at age fifty, to inform me that my reality was a layered simulation. And now to demand that I procreate.

—Kairominas about the Wode[1]

The Wode follow a policy of isolationism towards the Liveborn. After placing the Liveborn within their Personal State, the Wode only interfere with the State and the Liveborn when necessary, or when XinWey's Doctrine demands.[1]

Age of Awareness

The Wode never contact a Liveborn until they turn the age of fifty. It is at this age that the Liveborn are presented with the Wode Scroll, the only means of communicating with the Wode. Prior to that, the Liveborn are left to live in their State, ignorant of the true nature of their world.[1]


At some point during a Liveborn's life, the Wode calls upon them to procreate with another Liveborn. This entails the Liveborn pick a partner from a list and meet them in a Communal State.[1] All Liveborn are required to participate at some point in their life unless the Wode decides they can abstain.[2]


The Wode sets the programming for all the States and Machineborn. If necessary they can adjust the programming to pressure, and essentially force, Liveborn into doing what they need. It is implied this does not happen often, however, and in fact the Wode even allow Liveborn to hack the programming of their Personal State and the Machineborn that reside within it.[1]


As administrators of the States, the Wode perform many jobs for the Liveborn with the intent to enhance their lives. Some of these jobs include acting referees for the game of paintball that occurs on Maltese, pairing Liveborn to their Personal State, and acting as disciplinarians when a Liveborn breaks a precept of XinWey's Doctrine.[3] They also provide new challenges for Liveborn once they've conquered the inherent challenges of their Personal State, and maintain the technology that keeps Liveborn alive for so long.[4]


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