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Wayne's mother
Children Wayne
Died Mining accident, 319 PC[1]
Residence Tinweight Settlement
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Wayne's mother is an unnamed woman from the Roughs on Scadrial who raises Wayne as a child. She works as a miner in Tinweight Settlement.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Wayne's mother was a woman from the Roughs, although an exact age is not given she was presumably around her thirties to forties while raising Wayne. Due to her mining profession Wayne's mother usually wore trousers, a shirt and boots that were consistently covered in soot. Her face was noticed to be 'hollowed' out as her career in the mines progressed. She also grew progressively worried about Wayne's habit of stealing as time went on.[1]


At an unknown date Wayne's Mother was born and then met Wayne's father, together the pair eventually conceived Wayne. Originally Wayne's father had worked in the mines of the Tinweight Settlement whilst his mother did laundry back at home but a mining accident caused a collapse killing him. Following this Wayne's uncle, Gregr came to live with the family and worked at the mines instead, during this time Wayne came to dislike him greatly and Gregr built a variety of furniture for the family to use in order to save money. He also died in a mining accident leaving Wayne's mother to have to work in the mines herself. During this time Wayne took up doing the laundry in her stead to make additional money.[1]

On the night before her death Wayne's mother returned home to find her son having stayed up at night again. She was surprised to discover that he was still considering breaking the law in the future, in order to ease him she began to tell him a story about Allomancer Jak The next day another collapse happened at the mine, killing her.[1]


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