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Related to Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

A ward is a woman who is taken in as a kind of apprentice by an Alethi scholar.[1]

Jasnah was one of the best scholars on Roshar. Though Jasnah hadn't accepted somebody as ward for a longer time, Shallan convinced her to give her a try. Their relations were not easy but they thrashed it out until they found common ground.[2][3] Shallan was the twelfth person to approach Jasnah in 1173.[1]

Brightness Teshav also had a number of wards. One is present in a meeting with Dalinar Kholin in the warcamp.[4] One is present during the Battle of Narak.[5] Her two senior wards are present in Urithiru during the first conversation with Yanagawn.[6] One of her wards is on duty when Tezim replies to Dalinar's missive.[7] One was present when Azimir threaten to destroy their Oathgate.[8]

Litima's ward accompanied her whilst she read a passage of The Way of Kings to Dalinar.[9]

Navani borrows two wards from other lighteyes in the warcamp.[10]

A number of wards were present during a feast on the Shattered Plains.[11]


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