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Related to Vorinism
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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A ward is a female apprentice to a Vorin scholar on Roshar.[1]

Wards seem to be a concept limited to Vorin lighteyes.[2] A scholarly woman can take on one or more students and teach them numerous subjects, such as mathematics, logic, art or natural history. Such a teacher cannot be forced to accept a ward, and can set conditions that must be fulfilled before a prospective candidate is accepted.[3] In exchange for education, the ward serves as a scribe and assistant to her teacher.[4]

The wardship can be broken off at any point by either the teacher or the ward, but formally it ends only when the teacher decides that her student has at least met the minimum requirements of professional scholarship.[5][6]

Known wards[edit]

  • Shallan Davar is a ward to Jasnah Kholin. Numerous women attempted to become Jasnah's ward, with twelve applying in year 1173 alone.[1] Shallan was the only one to convince Jasnah to accept her.[7] The wardship continues even after Shallan becomes a Lightweaver[8] and finally ends eight months after her marriage to Adolin.[9]
  • Jasnah had one other ward, long before Shallan. However, this went poorly, and the two eventually parted ways.[10]
  • Teshav Khal has numerous wards, including two with senior status.[11] In the course of her duties, she's always accompanied by at least one: there is one when she's meeting with Dalinar in the warcamps;[12] one at the Battle of Narak;[13] two when speaking with Yanagawn via spanreed;[11] one when Tezim replies to Dalinar's missive;[14] and one when Azimir threatens to destroy their Oathgate.[15] As the wards are never named, it's unclear how many are there, and which of the above are the same people. Janala Lustow might be one of them.[8]
  • Litima has a single ward who accompanies her when she reads a passage of The Way of Kings to Dalinar.[16]
  • Kalami has several wards who accompany her when the Sibling sends a spanreed to Navani to tell her that the Tower is getting invaded.[17]
  • Karavaniga, granddaughter of king Taravangian, becomes a ward to an unknown scholar shortly after her grandfather becomes the king of Jah Keved.[18]
  • Neshan has two wards. Both of the wards and Neshan themselves are killed in the beginning of the singer invasion of Urithiru.[19]
  • A number of wards are present during a feast on the Shattered Plains.[20]

Navani Kholin doesn't have any wards of her own, but occasionally borrows some from other lighteyes in the warcamp.[4]


  • In The Way of Kings Prime, the early version of Stormlight Archive, Jasnah has a ward named Shinri.[21] Shinri eventually evolved into Shallan, though the differences are vast enough that Brandon considers them to be separate characters.[22] The mention of Jasnah having had another ward a long time ago might be an allusion to Shinri.


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