War of Loss

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War of Loss
Date circa 673[1]
Era Era of Solitude
Participants Sunmaker, the Hierocracy
Effects Destruction of the Hierocracy and the creation of the Devotaries
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The War of Loss had destroyed the Hierocracy, shattering Vorinism into the devotaries. That was the inevitable result of a religion trying to rule.

Shallan's thoughts on the War of Loss[2]

The War of Loss was when the Sunmaker ended the Hierocracy and its control of Roshar.[2]


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The Vorin church had taken control of much of the world, obfuscating its own doctrine from the common people.[3] They wanted to unite the world under Vorinism, ruled by the ardents.[1] People were taught to follow the ardents instead of the Heralds or the Almighty. They most powerful ardents claimed visions from the Almighty himself, which further solidified their control by creating a mysticism the common people could not achieve or understand.[3] At the height of their power, the Hierocracy controlled most of eastern Roshar.[4] Although it is not clear exactly which countries were controlled by them, it is likely that all the modern Vorin countries were under their influence.

Defeat of the Hierocracy[edit]

Before the Hierocracy could spread to western Roshar, the Hierocracy became embroiled in the War of Loss, a conflict spearheaded by the man later known as the Sunmaker.[3] The Sunmaker united together the ten princedoms of Alethkar for the first time since the fall of Alethela into one nation.[5] It is unknown if any other factions joined them, but working together the Alethi forces fought the Hierocracy in truly epic battles, whose like has not been seen on Roshar since then.[6] His soldiers were driven by the Thrill.[7] He also made use of an entire company of cavalry with legendary speed and maneuverability.[8] The Sunmaker managed to cast down the Hierocracy.[3] Its fall led to much chaos and destruction, and many eastern cities were sacked and destroyed, with the notable exception of Kholinar.[9]

The Sunmaker himself interrogated the remaining priests and went through their correspondences.[3] He claimed that he had found no proof of any of the visions that they had claimed to be receiving from the Almighty, stating that it had been a massive fraud on the part of the Church. The central leadership of the Vorin Church was destroyed.[2]

Aftermath and Legacy[edit]

Vorinism was then shattered in the Devotaries, and ardents lost much of their power, only able to teach laws, not enforce them.[2] They were no longer allowed to be involved in politics,[10] unable to own property, and were actually considered the property of lighteyes.[11] These events are still a source of embarrassment to modern day ardents, who prefer not to speak of them.[11]

Sadees, after his win, claimed to have a mandate from the Almighty and crowned himself king of the united Alethkar,[12] He decided to continue conquering the world, starting with Herdaz and going at least to Azimir, where he committed genocide, killing ten percent of the Azish population.[13] The kingdom he'd united during the war collapsed after his death. He had never bothered to choose an heir, so his ten sons began fighting among themselves. They eventually split the into ten princedoms, each becoming a highprince.[14]


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