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War of Loss

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War of Loss
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The War of Loss was the war that ended the Hierocracy and its control of Roshar.[1]

The Vorin church had taken control of much of the world, obfuscating its own doctrine from the common people.[2] People were taught to follow the ardents instead of the Heralds or the Almighty. They claimed visions from the Almighty himself.

The Sunmaker helped to cast them down and break the Hierocracy.[2] He investigated the visions and found that they were nothing more than a fabrication designed to placate the people.

Vorinism was then shattered in the Devotaries, and ardents lost much of their power, only able to teach laws, not enforce them.[1] They were no longer allowed to be involved in politics,[3] unable to own property, and were actually considered the property of lighteyes.[4]


History of Roshar
Hierocracy War of Loss Assassination of Gavilar
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