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Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Walin is a prisoner at the Pits of Hathsin on Scadrial.[1]

He was sent to the Pits as punishment for trying to steal food from his plantation master.[1]

Like most prisoners in the Pits he has many long cuts on his arms. He was barely fed, his fingers kept searching for geodes instinctively and he was too tired to care about entering the mists or getting beaten. Walin usually climbed up to sleep, but then he had to look out for younger, stronger men who would attack him to steal his atium geode. He wasn't sure if such a life was better than being dead.[1]

Walin is freed by Kelsier, who was about to destroy the mines, just after he managed to find an atium geode the final day of the week. Although he first thinks that Kelsier wants to steal his geode, after being encouraged by Kelsier, he leaves the Pits to sell the atium to secure his freedom.[1]


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