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Profession Guardsman
Nationality Azish
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Vono is an Azish guardsman on Roshar that serves Prime Aqasix Yanagawn the First.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Vono has light brown skin. He seems to use proper etiquette when given an audience with the Prime Aqasix, although he uses informal language.[1]


Vono was likely a high-ranking guardsman, as he served on a ship that carried Yanagawn, Noura, Unoqua, Dalksi, and other Azish dignitaries.[1]

After the Azish delegation decided to leave Thaylen City prior to the Battle of Thaylen Field, Vono was assigned to guard Lift in her cabin on Yanagawn's ship so that she would not attempt to join the battle. However, Lift escaped by kicking Vono in the groin, incapacitating him. She was able to hide Vono under the bunk in her cabin (presumably using the Surge of Abrasion) just before the ship left port.[1]

Vono did not recover until the ship was underway, and he reported Lift's escape to Yanagawn and Noura. Yanagawn was angry, but managed to avoid shaming Vono. Vono's report caused Yanagawn to consider returning to Thaylenah, but moments later he received a message stating that the Sadeas troops led by Meridas Amaram had switched sides and were attacking the city.[1]


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