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Mrs. Vmeer
Children Dia
Profession Teacher
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Skyward

Mrs. Vmeer is the Work Studies teacher at Spensa's school in Igneous Cavern.[1] She is the mother of Dia Vmeer, another student in Spensa's class.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Mrs. Vmeer is a former pilot cadet who earned her silver pin by passing the Flight School entrance exam.[1] Although she dropped out before graduating, she is knowledgeable in flying and likely has practical experience in the cockpit.[1] Having been a cadet, Mrs. Vmeer and her family have special privileges in Igneous, such as access to better food and clothing.[1]


In her younger years, Mrs. Vmeer had dreamed of being a pilot and passed the entrance exam, earning her cadet's pin. She began training at the DDF Flight School, presumably at Alta Base, however, dropped out for unknown reasons before she graduated.[1]

She became a teacher, married, and had a daughter after taking up residence in Igneous Cavern.[1]

Look, why don’t you skip the test tomorrow to save everyone the embarrassment? Come to me, and we’ll talk about what might work for you. If not sanitation, perhaps ground troops?

—Mrs. Vmeer to Spensa when Spensa asks her whether Ironsides intended to automatically fail her.[1]

She organised for representatives from different job classifications to give presentations to her classes. When the sanitation worker, Alfir, visited her class, Mrs. Vmeer spoke to him privately about Spensa's future prospects. After Spensa declined Alfir's offer to join the sanitation workers, she confronted Mrs. Vmeer about whether she would be automatically failed for the pilots test. Mrs. Vmeer initially tried to evade Spensa's question, however, eventually suggested that Spensa not attend the pilots entrance exam so she could avoid embarrassing both herself and those overseeing the exam.[1]

Mrs. Vmeer, along with several other teachers, attended the entrance exam and was disappointed that Spensa had attended. She refused to meet Spensa's eye during the exam, after Spensa realised she had been given an exam entirely on non-piloting subjects.[2]

After Rig dropped out of Flight School, Mrs. Vmeer was in contact with him about his future options and strongly suggested that he enter a career in politics.[3]



I’m sorry, Spensa. But this was never going to be. I wish one of your teachers had been brave enough to disabuse you of the notion when you were younger.

—Mrs. Vmeer to Spensa about her becoming a pilot[1]

Mrs. Vmeer makes a point to treat Spensa like any other student while in class.[1] She is well aware of Spensa's desire to be a pilot and is frustrated that none of Spensa's previous teachers have dissuaded her from sitting the exam.[1] Despite trying to prevent Spensa from sitting the pilot exam, she cares about Spensa's wellbeing and future and tries to help find other types of employment for her, introducing Spensa to specific job representatives and offering to introduce her to others.[1]


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