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Profession Pirate
Species Heklo
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
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Vlep is a heklo pirate in the belt of the nowhere, and is the leader of the Cannonade Faction.[1]


Capturing Spensa[edit]

Vlep and a band of pirates ambushed Spensa Nightshade on a jungle fragment when she emerged from a nowhere portal, and eventually subdued her. Vlep questioned Spensa, who led him to believe that she was from the Superiority, and was searching for a fugitive, Gul'zah. Vlep searched Spensa, finding and pocketing her reality icon, her father's pin, as well as a handful of reality ashes. Others in the group proposed shooting Spensa, but Vlep argued that Spensa must be valuable to the Superioirty, and that they should ransom her at the mining base. They returned to their ships as Vlep talked with Spensa, but were interrupted when one of the Cannonade pirates collapsed, their face melting.[1] Vlep tried using the reality ashes on the burl pirate, having the others tie Spensa up. As the burl's eyes began to glow white, the pirates decided to leave quickly, and Vlep moved to shoot Spensa with his rifle. He was distracted by the timely arrival of Chet, who charged into the camp on a grig.[2] While Vlep and the others were distracted by the grig, Spensa tackled Vlep from behind and stole back her reality icon. Vlep managed to escape to one of his ships, and flee from the grig.[3]

Pirate Faction Politics[edit]

We’ll fight your pilot, Peg. My champion is better than any of you. He calls himself Darkshadow.

—Vlep to Peg[4]

When Hesho entered the nowhere, with no memories, he was picked up by Vlep and the Cannonade Faction. Vlep recognized his skill and recruited him, and Hesho quickly became the pirate champion, defeating Gremm. Before Spensa and Hesho’s duel, Vlep offered Spensa the chance to join his faction, not realize who she was.[4] After Spensa won, and Peg spoke with the other faction leaders about a combined assault on Surehold, Vlep refused to listen, leaving the arena abruptly with the rest of his faction.[5]

You should know better than to make deals with pirates, Lorn.

—Vlep to Lorn after withdrawing[6]

Though the other pirate factions sided with Peg and formed a combined assault on Surehold, Vlep allied himself with Lorn and the Superiority defense force. After Spensa defeated Hesho again during the battle, Vlep offered to leave the battle if Peg offered him immunity. Peg agreed, and Vlep gathered up his downed ships to leave. He tried to take Hesho with him, who refused and stayed with Spensa, changing his alliegience. Vlep was annoyed with Hesho, but left the battle with the rest of his faction.[6] After the battle, when the pirates had taken control of Surehold, Peg still considered Vlep and the Cannonade Faction to be a possible threat.[7]


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