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Type Plant
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Vinebud is a type of rockbud that can be found in many regions of Roshar.[1]


Vinebud plants have an elastic, hollow stem. The stem normally has a cylindrical shape, but it can expand outward to accommodate the plant's retractable leaves, vine-like tendrils, and cone-like flowers.[2][3] The plant retracts to protect itself from highstorms or nearby motion, and the stem takes on a bubble-like appearance when it stretches to accommodate the leaves and tendrils.[2] Unlike common rockbuds, the vinebud appears to permanently root itself to the ground to avoid being blown around by the storms.[2]

The leaves and tendrils of the vinebud are longer and more delicate than those of the common rockbud.[2] The tendrils in particular extend far out of the plant and wave in the wind.[4] Shallan Davar speculated that vinebud is related to fingermoss, a smaller plant with a similar appearance.[2][1]

Gardeners on Roshar have cultivated a variety of vinebud that does not retract back into its stem, although it retains a vestigial shell. It is used as a houseplant.[3]


  • The design for vinebuds was based on the sea anemone.[1]


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