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Victory Flight
Headquarters Alta Base (formerly), Platform Prime
Type DDF flight
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Victory Flight is a part of the DDF and is made up of full pilots that have graduated Flight School.[1]

The Flight was called up from reserve to provide backup and take over from Skyward Flight during a battle. Before Victory Flight arrived, the group of cadets were attacked and forced to engage the enemy. Victory Flight arrived moments before Hurl lost control of her Poco and crashed, believing that she could safely land the broken ship. Victory Flight took over the fight allowing the remaining members of Skyward Flight to pull out of the battle and retreat.[1]

When the Superiority sent their battleship forward to begin bombarding Detritus, Victory Flight was one of the flights sent up to fight off the Krell so that FM could disable the cannon. Victory Flight and Valkyrie Flight preformed the task of clearing a pathway to the battleship, letting Skyward Flight follow in their wake. When FM began to shoot at the cannon, Victory Flight and Valkyrie Flight nipped at the Krell’s heels, distracting them from getting to FM. Eventually there were too many Krell, and FM had to retreat. When the battleship began firing, Victory Flight retreated back to Platform Prime with the other flights on Cobb’s orders.[2]

Protect the city. Victory Flight, make sure the city itself doesn’t take fire. Keep the enemy distracted.

—Jorgen to Victory Flight[3]

When Superiority forces attacked the planet Evershore, Victory Flight was one of the flights called into action to protect the planet, alongside Stardragon Flight and Ivy Flight. Victory Flight had a few taynix, and used them to hyperjump to Evershore. Victory Flight was assigned by Jorgen to protect the city of Dreamspring closely, providing a line of defense if any Superiority ships got past Ivy Flight and Stardragon Flight.[3]


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