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Titles Prime of Emul, Vexil the Wise
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

The course is obvious, isn’t it? We must reclaim my nation from the hands of the traitor parshmen; then we must conquer Tukar. It is completely unreasonable to allow this insane man, who claims to be a god, to continue bereaving the glorious Azish Empire.

— Vexil to the coalition leaders[1]

Vexil the Wise is the Prime of the Makabaki kingdom of Emul on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]

As with many of the Makabaki monarchs, Vexil is often referred to simply as Emul.[1]


Little is known of Vexil's personality. He has a passionate hatred for both the Tukari and their ruler Tezim.[1] He is also a grateful man, very appreciative of the Alethi offer to help him secure the last of his lands. As ruler of Emul, he obviously seeks to promote his kingdom whenever possible, but is ultimately realistic enough to accept that his personal priorities are not those of the other kingdoms of Roshar.


Little is known of Vexil's early life. At some point he and the princess of Yezier engaged in a romantic relationship that eventually came to an end.[2] He became Prime sometime after Ashno of Sages had completed his time as Emuli Prime.[3] Vexil spent a portion of his rule embroiled in the Eighty's War with the kingdom of Tukar[4] and its god-priest Tezim.[5] By late 1173, Vexil's power in the kingdom was waning with the kingdom invaded and refugees flooding into neighboring Tashikk.[6]

Following the arrival of the Everstorm, and an assault by the singers as they moved through Emul to Marat, Vexil was even further weakened.[7] He and Ashno traveled to Azimir[7] and accompanied the leaders and representatives of the rest of the Makabaki Empire through the Oathgate to Urithiru.[1] Upon his arrival, Vexil sought to advocate for his kingdom.[1] In a meeting with the rest of the rulers of the coalition kingdoms, Vexil asked that their next move be to reclaim his land lost to the singers and then conquer the kingdom of Tukar. This proposal was dismissed, as the coalition wished to focus on securing what lands they had first. Alethi Highprince Aladar offered the aid of several of his experts in fortification to help Vexil defend what lands were left to Emul, but not to yet try to reclaim any lost lands. Vexil gratefully accepted Aladar's offer.

Prior to the Battle of Thaylen Field, Vexil traveled to Thaylen City to the meeting of coalition leaders before the battle. He spoke to Aladar there about tactics.[8] After the revelations about Dalinar's role as highking, conversations with Odium, and the potential dangers of Surgebinding, Vexil seems to have departed the city, possibly with the Azish.[9] After the battle, Vexil seems to have returned to Thaylen City and spoke to the princess of Yezier, as their guards cleaned up rubble.[2] This spurred rumors that the two were rekindling their romantic relationship.


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