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Abilities Splinter of Honor
Species Honorspren
Residence Lasting Integrity
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

How could you not know? If you've come to persuade us to become Radiant spren, shouldn’t you know the cost of what you’re asking?

—Veratorim's interjection[1]

Veratorim is an honorspren living in Lasting Integrity in Shadesmar on Roshar.[1]

During Adolin Kholin's trial, Veratorim was near the front of the audience and tried to interject regarding Adolin's ignorance of the potential dangers to spren who form a Nahel bond. However, the trial had rules against the audience asking questions. Kalak, who was serving as the judge, cut off Veratorim and threatened to have them ejected, silencing the spren.[1]


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