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Type Horse
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Vengeance is a horse belonging to King Elhokar Kholin of Alethkar on Roshar. He is not a Ryshadium but is of the finest Shin stock.[1]

Elhokar rode Vengeance on a chasmfiend hunt on the Shattered Plains with Dalinar Kholin and his sons during the War of Reckoning. Fin, one of the king's grooms, prepared the horse beforehand, saddling him with Elhokar's favorite saddle and getting him ready; as the head groom then led Vengeance to Dalinar's camp, Fin saw that someone had switched out the saddle with a different one.[2] Vengeance was checked over by Dalinar's grooms before they left on the hunt.[3][2] The horse was initially difficult to get under control when the chasmfiend arrived, but Elhokar was able to charge the beast and get in a few attacks. He wheeled Vengeance about sharply at one point, and the saddle strap broke, flinging Elhokar to the ground.[1] This incident fueled Elhokar's paranoia, prompting an investigation into whether or not the girth strap was deliberately cut.[4]


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