Valley of Truth

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Valley of Truth
Type Valley
Region Shinovar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Valley of Truth is located in Shinovar on Roshar.[1]

The Valley of Truth lies near a coastline. It has muggy weather and thick Shin grass, and shepherds watch their flocks near white cliffsides.[2] The area also has plains with wild horses, as well as simple earthen buildings.[1]

The Valley was the home of Szeth and his family. Around the year 1165 when Szeth was twenty-eight years old, he made claims that the Voidbringers would return.[3] His people refused to believe him; he was deemed Truthless and banished not only from the Valley, but all of Shinovar.[1][4] He would eventually be vindicated during the True Desolation.[5]


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