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Abilities Cytonics
Species Varvax
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Defending Elysium

Vahnn is a varvax ambassador sent to Evensong. Two weeks before Jason Write arrives at Evensong to retrieve Denise Carlson, he disappears; around the time Jason arrives, a large piece of carapace is found in a burning station and he is presumed dead.[1]

After retrieving Denise and noticing her mannerisms seem more in line with those of a varvax than a human, Jason realizes that someone used cytonics to swap Vahnn's mind with that of Denise, leaving his mind in her body and her mind in his body. Thinking the humans are attempting to infiltrate varvax society to learn cytonics, Jason concludes that something must have gone wrong with the swap, resulting in Vahnn's body being disposed of in the burning station and Denise being left to wander the streets, where she was found by local authorities and checked into a mental health treatment ward. After Edmund tells him about how the varvax treat their discontents, however, he realizes that Vahnn swapped into Denise's body in an attempt to gain access to advanced human technology.[1]

When Jason returns to the Phone Company's Central Operations on Earth, he takes Vahnn—still in Denise's body—with him, where the varvax discontent is questioned by PC operatives.[1]


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