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Elantris summary[edit]

Thank you so so SO SOOOOO MUCH for your work on the Elantris summaries. It's great to finally have them complete, even nearly 10 years after the original publication XD. --Joe ST (talk) 13:12, 16 March 2015 (UTC)

WoR chapter summary[edit]

I just added a summary for Interlude I-2, hope you weren't already working on that one :) Deimos (talk) 7/1/15 (UTC)

My own summary of I-2: Ym works in his shop to carve a last, which he uses in his profession as a cobbler to help assemble shoes. A plant-like spren appears, and Ym tells it that he is making a children's shoe. Ym also says that the spren is an interesting experience that Ym is honored to particpate in. The spren says that he comes, and Ym is alarmed when there is movement outside on the street, but instead of a man in a military coat, he sees a child.

Ym invites the Iriali urchin into his store as the spren hides, and offers to give him a pair of shoes in exchange for his story, which the boy tells reluctantly as the cobbler cleans his feet and gives him a pedicure. Ym also heals an old, festering cut on one of the child's feet with the help of the spren, since he has the surgebinding abilities of a Truthwatcher, though he is not a Knight Radiant. As the boy tries on shoes, Ym tells him of the Long Trail of the Iriali, and that they are were once and will again eventually be One when the Seventh Land is attained. The boy doesn't fully accept Ym's philosophy, claiming the simpler explanation that Ym is merely a kind stranger.

Ym thanks his spren, who says that he is still here, and suddenly a man with dark Makabaki skin wearing black and silver garb with a pale crescent scar on his cheek appears. The man says he looked very hard into Ym's past and learned that he killed a woman by bringing her poisoned wine, though Ym pleads ignorance, then proclaims him guilty and executes him by shardblade as Ym accepts his fate in the end.

Feel free to use yours or change mine around if you'd like, I'm not in love with it :) Deimos (talk) 7/1/15 (UTC)