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Intention is a practitioner's explicit purpose or will when attempting to manipulate Investiture. The Intent of a user is very important to several magic systems; these magic systems require a mental component to function. Some, like Hemalurgy, simply require that someone intend to make a spike when they do it, and others, like Awakening, require complex images created in your mind with the spoken command to function. Hemalurgy has only one known mental component: that the user or Shard must be trying to do Hemalurgy (this is Ruin's intent when Spook temporarily gains the ability to burn pewter). This mental component, if not present, renders the spike to a normal metal spike and simply harms the victim. When present, it controls what is stolen when used in conjunction with the correct binding point. Awakening is almost as much mental as spoken. If the visualizing of the command is not firm, the Awakened object can behave in a unknown manner or not at all. The more complex the command the more important that mental component is. In Surgebinding, the mental component has varying degrees of necessity depending on the Surge used. Lightweaving requires an extremely clear image in a user's mind to create an illusion with the appropriate appearance, but with Surges like Gravitation the user does not have to have any idea of what they are doing; the Surge will do the same thing regardless. Some Surges do require simply that the user wish it to happen. Often with Surgebinding this can be accomplished by instinctively pushing Stormlight into something.


That was common across many of the flavors and varieties of power around the cosmere. Commands, oaths, incantations…any way to focus your will, your Intent, and project it to the Investiture.

Nomad's explanation of Commands[1]

Commands are words or phrases used to focus Intent when attempting to impose the practitioner's will upon Investiture.[1] The concepts of Command and Intent are fundamentally intertwined. While a person's Intent more broadly encompasses what they are trying to accomplish, the Command is the narrower words they use to express that Intent. For example, if someone creates an Awakened object with the instructions "fetch keys," the Command is exactly that whereas the Intent would include the Awakener's broader desire to escape whatever is imprisoning them and be free. The words of the Command help focus the Intent, but, depending on the Invested Art involved, the skill of the person making the Command, and other factors, the Investiture involved can also understand the broader Intent involved, not just the Command. Even people who are relatively knowledgeable about the mechanics of the cosmere, like Vasher, will conflate the Command and its associated Intent, and most of the time there is not much of an appreciable difference, though it is important for the cosmere overall that the Intent is understood and not bound by the limited form of the Command.[2]

Commands are not equally important in all Invested Arts. In Allomancy and AonDor, other mechanics exist to impose will upon Investiture. Metals in Allomancy act as a key or focus that determines which effect is created by the user. In AonDor, the effects of the power are determined by the shape of the Aon drawn. These focuses have a similar effect to Commands in how they focus power, but it is done on the scale of the magic system as a whole rather than the individual.[3]


Initiation is the process by which a person is chosen to gain the ability to access a manifestation of Investiture (and/or the process of actually gaining such access).[4] Vessels can choose to alter how Initiation for their Shard's magic works to some extent, subject to some limitations determined by the underlying mechanics.[5] The method of Initiation varies between different manifestations, but there are cosmere-wide principles underlying the different methods: in order for a person to be Initiated, it is generally necessary for their soul to have some degree of "damage", creating cracks in their spiritweb that Investiture can rush into and fill, thereby linking them to the magic.[6] Some magic systems make it much easier than others to achieve this.[5]


Resonances are additional powers or effects gained by people with access to more than one Invested Art or Surge.[7]


Invested Arts in the cosmere are a naturally occurring combination of the planet itself, any Shards Invested on the planet, and the pre-Shattering arcana and physic that exist across the cosmere.[8] As a result, a Shard's death does notfunctionally change an Invested Art, even if the arcana uses that Shard's Investiture or Intent.[9] An Invested Art can also exist or be discovered on planets that don't have the Shard associated with it in residence. This process is best illustrated by Hemalurgy. To use Hemalurgy, a practitioner must be in line with Ruin's Intent. However, Hemalurgy can be discovered and used on planets where Ruin does not have an active presence, and Hemalurgy still exists with a few notable changes in mechanics after Ruin's death and the formation of Harmony.[10]

Paragraph on changes in Hemalurgy, contrast that with changes Preservatio made to Allomancy in era 1 to illustrate conscious vs unconscious changes in a magic system, Initiation as an area where a Shard seemingly has more conscious control.


Within each Invested Art, the spiritwebs of the practiioners can be viewed as a closed system. The Investiture used to create an effect can come from one of he following three categories within the closed loop.

End positive
When practicing an end-positive Invested Art, the practitioner draws in power from an external source.[11] The practitioner gains power from the external source. The Investiture is positive in that it adds -- in most cases temporarily -- power to the practitioner. Most Invested Arts are end-positive.[12]
For an Invested Art to be considered end-neutral, power is neither gained nor lost[11]. A practitioner manipulates power that already exists or power that comes from themselves.
In the practice of an end-negative Invested Art, some power is lost.[11] End-negative Investiture is very rare.[12]

While every Invested Art can be classified along these categories,[12] it is most useful when applied to the Metallic Arts.[13] Allomancy draws Investiture from Preservation in a similar way to AonDor pulling power from the Dor; both are considered end-positive since they add power to the Allomancer or Elantrian. Allomantic Atium draws power from Ruin's concentrated Physical form, but is still considered end-positive as the power comes from an outside source. Feruchemy is end-neutral, since the amount of Investiture remains constant. Hemalurgy is end-negative. Investiture held in a spike outside the body decays.[11]

These categories don't always apply well to other Invested Arts because of differences in how the system is defined when analyzing the net gain or loss of Investiture. Awakening is also considered end-neutral, even though color is lost.[14] If defining the sstem as a single practitioner, Awakening could appear to be either end-positive or end-negative depending on whether they give or receive Breaths.[13] However, the same number of Breaths will exist across all Awakeners, and Breath is what fuels the magic, therefore it is considered end-neutral.[15][14] Surgebinding is a magic system whose classification is debatable by arcanists. Surgebinders typically use Investiture that already exists in the system in the form of spheres to power their magic. Functionally, however, putting Investiture in s sphere merely causes a time delay between adding it to the system and using it to fuel powers, as seen when Radiants pull Investiture directly from the highstorm or Honor's Perpendicularity to fuel abilities. As such, most arcanists accept end-positive as the proper Surgebinding classification.[16]

Most Invested Arts are end-positive,[13] with some end-neutral.[12] End-nagative Invested Arts are extremely rare, with only Hemalurgy and one currently unknown one classified that way.[17]

Common Powers[edit]

Many of the powers exhibited in the cosmerer are a natural part of the cosmere's physics. As a result, powers often have similar effects across different planets despite a Shard influencing how the power is administered and accessed.[18] As people in the cosmere become more aware of other planets and magic systems, they start to use the same terminology to describe similar magics from different sources. The follow describes some of the commonly seen magics and the principals that guide them despite the source.


Many magic systems in the cosmere are able to heal a person from damage. This includes physical wounds[19] or sprains,[20] and can even heal fatal damage.[21][22] Limbs and body parts can be regrown as well.[23] Healing can also be used to recover from poisoning,[24] sickness such as a cold or cancer,[25] chronic diseases, such as poor eyesight,[26][27] tiredness,[28] and even damage to the soul.[29] Constantly healing from wounds can leave the user invulnerable to pain.[30] Most forms of extreme healing don't care much about what is done to the physical body, as long as the person's spiritual template is in power at the time.[31] Some magic systems are better at healing than others.[32]

Memories can be restored via healing, as they are stored with the Cognitive version of a person.[33][34]

Healing the soul[edit]

When healing the soul, such as a missing piece cut off from a Shardblade, a new patch of soul will be created.[35][36] Healing wounds to the soul is much more Spiritual Realm based.[37] If a magic is strong enough to heal from pieces of a body, it will try to heal from the biggest piece.[38] If the body was perfectly cut in half, a random half would be chosen to heal from. Not every magic system is capable of healing soul wounds.[37] If the soul leaves the body and is then healed, the soul will not return and the physical body will be the only thing healed, leaving the person dead.[39][40][41] If a soul is healed but not reattached properly, the person will leave a glowing afterimage when they move,[42] though it is only visible to those who are highly Invested or connected to the Cognitive Realm.[43]


While a number of things can be healed, there are certain limitations. Disorders like depression that are a part of a person's personality will not be cured.[44][45] Electrical stimulation of muscles, such as being electrocuted, will not be healed as it's not doing any harm and it's how muscles normally work.[46] Aging and certain genetic diseases can also not be healed.[47]

Many, if not all, magical healing processes are stopped by aluminum. If aluminum is in the wound, it makes it impossible for wounds to heal around the aluminum until it is removed from the body.[48]

Perception of oneself[edit]

Healing works by using the three versions of the user's self; their Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual version.[49] Healing typically heals the Physical version by matching it to their ideal Spiritual version, which is filtered through the lens of their minds (Cognitive version). Almost all forms of healing in the cosmere are filtered through the perception of the user.[50][39] This applies to both internal and external forms of healing. When someone is healing someone else, both of their perceptions matter.[51] If a person hasn't accepted a wound as a part of themselves, they can still heal it regardless of how long they've had it.[52] However, even if a wound is recent, if the person has changed their mindset to see it as a part of themselves, they will not be able to heal from it.[53][54] Perception can also have users change their body to match their identity, such as a transgender person changing their biological sex,[55] or a human changing into a singer.[56] There are a few magic systems that are an exception to this rule.[57]

Highly Invested individuals can shift their Spiritual self to more closely match their Cognitive self, making self-perception more important in the process. This allows for the healing of old wounds if the person doesn't view them as being part of themself, something that is impossible with less Invested individuals.[58]


Yolish, Surgebinding, AonDor

Known Invested Arts[edit]

Invested Art Planet Shard Books
Allomancy Scadrial Preservation Mistborn
Feruchemy Scadrial Preservation, Ruin Mistborn
Hemalurgy Scadrial Ruin Mistborn
Awakening Nalthis Endowment Warbreaker
AonDor Sel Devotion, Dominion Elantris, Tress of the Emerald Sea
Dakhor Sel Devotion, Dominion Elantris
ChayShan Sel Devotion, Dominion Elantris
Forgery Sel Devotion, Dominion The Emperor's Soul, Mistborn Era 2
Bloodsealing Sel Devotion, Dominion The Emperor's Soul
Surgebinding Roshar Honor, Cultivation The Stormlight Archive
Voidbinding Roshar Odium The Stormlight Archive
Old Magic Roshar Cultivation The Stormlight Archive
Sand mastery Taldain Autonomy White Sand
Starmarks Taldain Autonomy White Sand
Hion Komashi Virtuosity Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
Microkinesis Yolen Unknown Dragonsteel
Yolish Lightweaving Yolen Unknown Dragonsteel
Aether Lumar, Unknown Core World None Tress of the Emerald Sea, Mistborn Era 2


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