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Investiture is a form of shardic radiation that follows a wave/particle duality[1], and is emitted across all three realms. Investiture equalizes within a given macroscopic system, defined by boundaries of unclear natures, called a realmatic system. The boundary to a realmatic system is unclear in nature, and transfers of investiture may occur across the boundary of any given system. Realmatic systems on the scope of planets are called Shardworlds. When a realmatic system encompasses a single individual or object, it is termed as innate investiture[2]. Radiant Investiture that is within the greater macroscopic system of the cosmere is known as free investiture[3].

Investiture can be separated into a spectrum[4] of investiture, with each type of investiture occupying a regular frequency[5] within the spectrum. Each frequency of investiture is differentiated from each other by their pulse length[6], which when filtered with intent through a focus can produce discrete, repeatable effects upon the various realms. These are colloquially known as magic, but are more accurately described as a Shardic Realmatic System. The nature of emitted investiture, its effects and manifestations, and the conditions and results of innate investiture within the greater system are defined by Shardic Intent. When multiple shards are present within a system, Shardic Intent tends to find a balancing focus suitable to the intent of both shards. A balance system may also be created.

Shardic Emittance[edit]

  • Emitted from a Shard based on Intent
  • Intent controls the specific sub-spectrum of investiture that is broadcast
  • Emitted Shardic Radiation has a directionality, and a force
  • Investiture is emitted from the shardic aspect native to the realm (?). It may also be emitted exclusively from the spiritual aspect.
  • All objects hit with shardic radiation absorb some amount of investiture based on their nature. Over time, this becomes innate investiture.
  • Certain entities notably those with sentience or innate investiture, are able to emit and absorb investiture actively. Most notable of these are humans. The use of investiture requires modifications to the sDNA of an individual (caused by innate investiture, or other processes that modify the spirit web (such as a Nahel bond, or Lerasium)

Particle/Wave Duality[edit]

  • Investiture is emitted at very low masses, and acts as a wave
  • When large concentrations of investiture occur, the mass causes investiture to act as a particle. This is the process that causes spontaneous sentience (cognitive matter) and physical manifestations of shards (physical matter) such as Atium.

Realmatics and Investiture[edit]

  • Investiture is absorbed by all things
  • The spiritual aspect of a person allows one to transfer investiture to other objects or things based on intent
  • In rough:
    • Invesititure in the physical realm controls physical laws, according to a focus, and converts raw investiture into energy to power the new law
    • Investiture in the cognitive realm controls sentience, and as investiture is an ever-present radiation, this explains why all cognitive realm entities have a rudimentary sentience. Large amounts of innate investiture will cause true sentience in an object, or spontaneously generate it's own sentience. The intent present in an investiture can warp a cognitive entity to correspond more closely with its intent.
    • Investiture in the Spiritual Realm is difficult to qualify. It should control connections, but what this means is difficult to identify. It's notable that an innate investiture modifies the spiritual DNA of a person, and that the sDNA controls the ability to use frequencies of investiture. It's also notable that using frequent, large amounts of investiture will damage the spirit web of a person, and that the spirit web is affected by strong emotions. Many innate investitures require a spirit web to tear in order to provide a conduit for transferences of external investiture into and out of the system.

Unresolved Questions and Issues[edit]

  • What exactly goes on in the spirit realm? Without more information about the spirit realm, this is difficult to deal with.
  • The Dor (free investiture), is described as a reservoir under constant pressure, which doesn't match up well if it is exclusively free investiture. It may the way investiture is stored in a location on Sel.
  • The article on Dor describes the Jeskeri beliefs about how investiture is a fundamental force, that lines up well with Brandon's comment about investiture being a 'fundamental building block'. It may in fact be talking about the cognitive realm, and intent, however.
  • Aluminium is a big investiture related thing that needs addressing.