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Hey Sharders, I've been strolling around the forum and the wiki for a while (using the same name), theorized a bit (some disproven, at least one[1] still being likely. I edited some articles around here and am currently doing a reread of WoR, keeping a list of all characters appearing to put them in the chapter summaries.

This is a list of things I noticed during my reread that seem interesting to me or should just help me to find some interesteing parts of the stroy again.

Shadows behaving weird

  • Shadow pointing in the wrong direction, 18
  • In Shadesmar, Pattern casts a shadow pointing the wrong way, 143
  • Aimian cast a shadow in the wrong direction: called Voidbringer-shadow, 187

Gavilar + Amaram plotting, 18

Why did J want to kill Anteusa? (23 ff)


  • Liss, 24;
  • Gavilar, 27 => now lent to people practicing wit Shards
  • Salinor Eved => lost it to Adolin => given to Renarin
  • Jakamav (just Plate)
  • Hatham (Plate)
  • Eranniv (Plate)
  • Abrobadar
  • Resi
  • Relis

J explains Shadesmar, 40, and spren, 42 and nature of spren, 70

Spren speak of being betrayed by humans => Recreance, spren being „killed“ by humans.

Surgebinder spren and appearances:

  • J's spren: Ivory, being oily => soulcasting properties of J's order are oil
  • K's spren: Syl, windy
  • Lift's spren: xxx, planty
  • Dalinar's spren: Stormfather => godly, not at all boney
  • S's spren: Pattern, not at all bloody

KR means of tele-communication, 74

Sja-anat: Unmade? 73

People see Pattern

S thinks that the voice she first heard when Soulcasting, was not Pattern ~107

Urithiru was protected from Voidbringers,

trees in Shadesmar

Syl talking about natural laws, 130, voidspren, 131, shadesmar, 132.

Parshendi went to Narak to be separated from their gods, 164

Ym's religion, Adonalsium? 174

Parshendi measure time by Rhythms, 198

they encourage a plant's growing using stromlight, 199

Mention of the Unmande, 201

Mention of Gavilar in Parshendi Interlude

Syl doesn't like lies, 238

Syl is a piece of a god.

Surges, 254

Pattern is a scholar? 255

What is the material that is able to blunt Shardblades? => similarity to unforgeable metal in Emperor's Soul, 262

2 King's Blades?

K loses Stormlight when attacking Adoling, 266 f.

S plays with sound => soundweaving, 277

S's special power: Transforming people, 278

K is attracted to the Highstorm, 286

Renarin acts weid, 287

Heat fabrial

Skybreakers, 295

About truth and perception, 308

spren's nature, 309

The influence of Tyn's superior/employer, 313

Epigraph Chapter 25

C 26: R not wearing spectacles for the first time (?), not going into battle,

countdown 49 days

C 29: the Thrill

gemheart glows

C 30: S draws distant things => drawing Shalash?

C 31: stars => planets?

C 32: R is at ease without his Blade


C 33: K is almost feeling his Blade-cut-hand

About Truthless, 378

Talking about Szeth

C 34: Pattern cannot vanish completely

S does not need 10 heartbeats to summon her Blade

I-5: Rider of Storms = Stormfather, there are other Riders, soul of Storm, Rhythms become one

I-7: The Gift

I-8: Rhythm of Praise, Awe, Joy

C 35: Zahel taught mental Commands/commands to Adolin

Soulcasting transforms people => stoneskin

Reports about J reaching SP

C 41: Epigraph

Countdown 37 days

There is a Herdazian king (?)

spren and perception

K reaching into Shadesmar


C 43: bottle of pale sand in Ghostblood cache => White Sand?, 493

C 44: rocks colorful

Parshendi are not Surgebinders

C 45: Voidbringers, Unmade

spren, 521

Hoid's reaction seeing Shallan

Hoid's mission, 526