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The taynix are a species of slugs with cytonic abilities.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Taynix are somewhat blobby, and about the size of a loaf of bread, but flatter.[2] There are three known varieties. One variety has bright yellow skin and small, blue, somewhat stiff spines along their backs, though there may be coloration differences between individuals.[3] Another type are purple with orange stripes, and the third type are red with black stripes.[4] They are not slimy to the touch, feeling tough like leather, but with a soft, springy consistency.[5][6] While they do not have eyes or any components of a face, they can still perceive their environment, probably through sound and scent, or possibly cytonically.[7] They have rows of sharp yet flexible teeth.[4]


Taynix are able to make fluting and trilling noises with their spines[2][8] using different tones, and sometimes do so to express emotion.[5][9] They are capable of recreating a wide variety of sounds, as they often parrot words said to them, as well as other sounds like grunts, groans, and whistles.[10][11][8] They are of above animal intelligence,[12] and Doomslug occasionally corrects Spensa's grammar.[9] Taynix can also give off a cytonically detectable sound that is similar to soft music. This sound, while only perceptible to cytonics, can be used to find out their location over long distances.[13]

Taynix can move by crawling.[2] The yellow and blue variety can also teleport with their cytonic ability, though they never do so when being watched.[14][15][16] Taynix are able to handle heavy gravitational forces, responding by going rigid and hunkering down, though they do not seem to enjoy the experience.[5] The red and black variety of taynix can use mindblades, defending themselves if put in danger or harmed.[17]


According to the Superiority, the taynix are originally from the planet Cambri,[18] though they have since migrated to other planets. They have been found on Detritus and the kitsen homeworld.[13][19] Little is known about their natural living conditions, except that their diet consists mostly of fungi. Consequently, they are often found near such organisms.[1][7]


Taynix have an innate cytonic ability to travel through the dimension of the delvers, and are used by the Superiority as hyperdrives that do not risk drawing the delvers into the universe.[1] To do so, a cage containing a taynix is inserted into a Superiority hyperdrive. During a hyperjump, the taynix produces a cytonic scream, which distracts the delvers from the passing ship.[20] This scream is apparently only perceptible for beings with cytonic abilities.[21] Cytonics onboard can, intentionally or unintentionally, interfere with the ship's hyperjump process and cause a malfunction, which is usually resolved by replacing the taynix in use with a new one.[6][16] Engineers can be reluctant to swap in a fresh taynix, though, because doing so leads to a lot of paperwork.[22]


Prior to the rise of the Superiority, humans were likely aware of the cytonic powers of the taynix; Commander Spears' order to M-Bot to look for mushrooms was likely because he was trying to find a taynix to power his cytonic hyperdrive.[1]

In order to cover up the taynix's role in cytonic hyperdrives and maintain a monopoly over FTL travel across the galaxy, the Superiority claims the taynix are highly venomous invasive species.[18][1] The Superiority also sends out teams to exterminate taynix that in reality are presumably collecting the taynix in order to power their hyperdrives.[19]

During her exploration of the Detritus caves, Spensa finds a taynix which she nicknames Doomslug and keeps as a pet.[2]

Immediately before the invasion of Detritus, Jorgen finds a colony of several hundred taynix deep in the caves of Detritus.[13]

Notable Taynix[edit]


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