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Hi! I'm Talenel from the U.S. I discovered Brandon via my sister's personal library in 2016. My first book was The Way of Kings, followed by the rest of Stormlight, and then eventually the rest of the cosmere and most of his non-cosmere books. My two favorite characters from all of the books are Wayne and Kaladin Stormblessed. I like Wayne because he is hilarious, resourceful, and really cool overall. I like how he "trades" things with people, how he mimics voices and personas, and has taken responsibility and is trying to mend the damage he made by killing a man in his past. I like Kaladin because of how deep he is as a character, his powers, his personality, and his determination to save the helpless. The character I respect the most in the cosmere is Talenelat'Elin (hence the username) because of his sheer will and determination in suffering the pains of Damnation in the place of humanity, FOR 4 AND A HALF MILLENNIA.

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