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TSMagus has been blazing through the Theoryland Database, trying to find key references to... well, anything interesting. Has he been successful?

Yes. Yes, he has.

The hardest part is sometimes just finding the right article to add a particular reference to. As soon as he can figure out how to make subarticles in the sandbox, he'll probably start making three or four to cover topics that don't really have a home yet. Topics like these:

  • The Unifying Theory of Magic
  • Afterlife in the Cosmere
    • Note: "The shadow of self" in HOA is Preservation's cognitive shadow
  • Astronomy in the Cosmere
  • Notable Dance Parties in the Cosmere

Hmmm... that last one doesn't look quite like it fits. After all, the people on Scadrial seem to be the only ones in the Cosmere who have figured out how to really get down.

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Old Perplexities[edit]

What are Perpendicularities? Sanderson says to worldhop you need to either have magic or find a Perpendicular/Perpendicularity. Also, in the Jasnah POV, her spren says they need to find a "stable junction" to return, and specifically mentions "Honor's Perpendicularity," which is distant. Are they related to shardpools?

Threnody very clearly has a bright "starbelt." Scadrial has been said to have "a very bright star patch... covering much of the sky," though it isn't usually visible because of the mists.[1] On Roshar, Taln's Scar has a similar description, though it is noted as being red. How can I use these to determine the planets' relative positions?

Sanderson uses the term "Final Beyond" to refer to the afterlife, but indicates that there's a "middle place" as well, where people can still interact with the physical realm. These are "cognitive shadows" and include, at least, Kelsier, Threnody's shades, and the Stormfather. no18, also see no45 for explanation of how shards fuel allomancy and no57 for Sazed possibly making returned in the future, no58 Sazed can see spirits remaining in spiritual or cognitive realms, no81 Vin and Elend returned in the future, n87 more great beyond

Cosmere Works Read[edit]

  • There is a very bright star patch
    Theoryland - 17 October 2008Cite: Theoryland/727-60#