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World Earth (Rithmatist)

Sense, Odium. The only kind I have is nonsense. Well, and some cents, but cents are nonsense here too--so we can ignore them. Scents are mine aplenty, and you never cared for the ones I present. So instead, the sense that matters is the sense Dalinar sensibly sent you.

Hello! I'm Spriy. I started reading the cosmere a little while back when I was given the first three books of the Stormlight Archive for Christmas. I'm still kicking myself that it took two rereads of not just Stormlight, but Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Elantris as well to realize why so many of the characters are named Hoid. Now I'm rereading them for the third time for more Hoid sightings.

I like to go to random pages on the wiki in my spare time and see if there's anything about them that I can polish up, so if you see any mistakes that I've made, don't hesitate to revert them.

If you think about it, we're all Archivists.


Big Projects[edit]

  • Update Terris to post-Catacendre, as well as adding their culture (i.e. social structure, speech patterns, etc.). This would be a good idea, I think
  • Gather every WoB on Hoid into a manageable portion on my Hoid Page so that I can actually make some reasonable speculation on his wiki page
  • Write an unofficial Mistborn D&D supplement
  • Fix up David Charleston so that it doesn't need attention anymore

Medium Projects[edit]

Small Projects[edit]

  • Understand markup better


  • Created Hoid's relationships section[2]
  • Wrote a decent chunk of Nikliasorm's History section[3]
  • Added a bunch to Adolin's relationships section[4]
  • Updated Venli to Rhythm of War[5]
  • Made an unreasonable amount of speculative, non-style-y, and generally incorrect edits that the Keepers have had to undo at various points. Sorry, Keepers!

Cosmere theories[edit]

  • Trellium is an alloy of lerasium and atium. The way that I think it works stems from the fact that Sazed holds two Shards with conflicting Intents, but the Intent of him, the Vessel, leans more closely to Preservation. My theory is that this disunity caused another personality to manifest; one that also holds the Shards, but leans more closely toward Ruin. It would also explain how Trell would be able to both prevent Sazed from realizing who they are and blocking his Connection to Paalm, and how it was possible to make a Hemalurgic spike out of trellium.
  • Even if Dabbid did obtain a Nahel bond, it wouldn't cure his "difference". He postulates that it was brain damage caused by his umbilical cord almost strangling him at birth, but even if that was the case, the Nahel bond doesn't repair trauma-induced mental illness. Szeth's psychosis remained even after bonding his highspren, and Shallan's DID actually manifested in earnest after bonding Testament and Pattern. Poor Dabbid.
  • There's atium in the Well of Ascension, since Sazed would have put both his perpendicularities in the same spot to save mind space.
  • On the topic of atium: If you forged a weapon out of it and stabbed an Allomancer who was burning a metal, you'd gain the metal's effects. (Raysium conducts his counterpart's Investiture; atium would likely do the same.)
  • The four Dawnshard Commands are Create, Destroy, Change, and Preserve, explaining why Cultivation, Odium, and Preservation are better at using Fortune
  • Vasher says, "I'm old, son. Repeating myself makes me eat the wrong flower", meaning that it makes him get mad. This is obviously because he's using Investiture to speak Alethi like Hoid does, and some idioms don't translate well, but my theory is that back on Nalthis, Awakeners ingested Edgli's Tears in order to have a ready source of color, but said flowers could sometimes be difficult to tell between Shardflowers and regular flowers.
  • Adonalsium was not a person; it was a metal. Aluminum, to be precise. This is why it is immune to all types of Investiture--it's already intensely Invested, with the power of none of the sixteen, and so none of the sixteen Investitures can affect it. To a lesser extent, this is also why metal appears the same as souls to Shards--it has the same level of Investiture. It even sounds like a metal.
  • Sixteen was the worldhopper who brought Nightblood to Roshar.
  • In his fight with the koloss, Elend had a sudden instinct for how to win the fight. That was Ruin's influence, as the koloss sword was partially inside of him and functioned as a spike.