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Hi, I'm Eve! I'm not really sure what user pages were for, but mine was sad and empty so I'm just going to dump some info here that I can reference later.

Cosmere stuff[edit]

I've read all the cosmere novels except Elantris (in progress) and Bands of Mourning. Haven't gotten my hands on White Sand yet, sadly.

Fandom involvement[edit]

I'm on the 17th Shard Discord as SapphicSpren, and also on Tumblr and ao3 with the same name :) also on Instagram @brinblueart and I post cosmere art there sometimes.

Articles I've worked on[edit]

RoW updates[edit]

Character lists[edit]


  • Created Tarn's page
  • Added images to the Mink and Bluefingers

To-do list/ WIPs[edit]

  • update Raboniel's page with more detailed information
  • finish character lists for WoK chapter summaries
  • add Kaladin RoW citations