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Now on Azir#Religion

Scions are religious officials within Azish government. Both men and women can become one.[1] Their main duty appears to be taking care of the spiritual side of the bureaucracy's day-to-day workings - they are seen blessing formal meetings and interpreting omens and events to discern the will of the Kadasixes.[2] They also serve as clerks and scribes. Scions can be found in all ranks of the bureaucracy, with the most influencial ones serving as the members of the Prime Aqasix's circle of advisors along with the viziers.[3][4]

Unlike Vorin ardents, scions are free men. In fact, becoming a high-ranking scion, or a priest-minister, is one of the highest honors for the Azish.[1]

Scions typically travel across the country, blessing settlements and towns. For this reason, a scion cannot become the Prime Aqasix, although they are intimately involved in the selection process. During the holy conclave that chooses a new Prime, they are called upon to ensure the spiritual purity of the selection, provide theological viewpoint on the process and assist the viziers in picking the best candidate.[2]

Notable scions[edit]

  • Ethid - a Veristitalian and friend of Jasnah Kholin, who studies the lives of powerful men and, later, the Knights Radiant.[3] She participates in the Prime selection process, and gives the opening blessings to the meeting that results in Yanagawn's crowning.[2]
  • Unoqua - the religious leader of Yanagawn's court. Along with other scions and viziers, he advises against continued alliance with Urithiru.[4]