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To Template:Tag

The tag template links to a page, and adds the page it's on to a category. It's best to use it on the page's infobox rather than in the text proper.


{{tag |{{1}} |cat= |text= }}


Highlighted lines indicate mandatory parameters.

Positional parameters are indicated with {{N}} in their name. For example, {{1}} means "the first template parameter".

{{Tag}} Parameters
Parameter Description Examples
{{1}} Use the first parameter to create a link and add the page to a category with the same name.


cat Use this to add this page to a category named differently than the first parameter; if cat is used, the first parameter serves only as a page link.

Note: This is useful in cases such as when the first parameter links to a disambiguation page; for example, {{tag|Diagram}} would add the page to Category:Diagram and link to Diagram, while {{tag|Diagram (group)|cat=Diagram}} adds the page to Category:Diagram and links to Diagram (group).


text Use this to change how the tag is displayed on the page.

Note: To follow from the above example, {{tag|Diagram (group)|cat=Diagram|text=Patriots}} adds the page to Category:Diagram, links to Diagram (group) and displays the tag as Patriots.