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Now on Roshar#Food and Drink

The planet Roshar has a wide variety of alcoholic drinks.


Unlike Earth wines, on Roshar the term refers to a number of alcoholic drinks, only a small subset of which are made of fermented fruit. The use of the term "wine" is the result of linguistic shift, much in the same way that all birds became chicken and all small crustaceans became cremlings.[1] The alcohols that fall under the term "wine" are categorized by strength and colour, with different colours denoting different alcohol content.

In order from weakest to strongest, those are:

  • Pink, which typically has a distinct floral taste. It's said to assist alertness.
  • Orange, fruity and with notes of ginger, although apparently it's not made of fruit.
  • Yellow, which has a deep, "bold" taste while being weak enough to drink casually.
  • Auburn, spicy and with a tasty aroma - this could be closest to Earth's red wine, as it's made of fermented fruit.
  • Red, said to be "flavourful with a pleasant burn".
  • Sapphire, with a taste of nuts and honey, made of lavis grain. It's usually infused, and the closest equivalent to Earth whiskey.
  • Blue, tasting of berry and lemon.
  • Violet, the strongest, typically with an aroma of sandalwood.[2]

Within those colours, a number of different wines exist - for example, among sapphire varieties are kimik, vari and Veden saph.[3] While generally the wine colors are standardized, they gain their color by intentional colored infusions, and are occasionally made without them.

Other beverages[edit]

Apart from wines, Roshar has a number of other alcoholic drinks. Among those is beer, of which the most popular variety appears to be mudbeer, often drank to warm up.[4] Another drink is a liquor called honu, which comes in several varieties that differ in strength.[5] Both beer and honu are made from lavis grain.[6]

The Unkalaki people have a numer of their own alcoholic beverages. This includes a brownish drink called shiki, which has to be chilled overnight, and the infamous Horneater lager, which is far stronger than regular beers, with one bartender claiming it melts their cups. Strongest among the Horneater beverages is the Horneater White. A clear, distilled moonshine, it is the strongest known alcohol on Roshar (with the possible exception of some violet wines). It is know to strip paint, and can apparently be deadly to non-Unkalaki.[7][3]

Other, unspecified alcohols drank across Roshar include a variety of ciders, juices and lagers.[2]

Drinking culture[edit]

Vorin parties typically involve wine of the weakest colours, watered down to prevent the participants from getting drunk too quickly.[3] Sapphire appears to be the strongest colour imbibed casually, and the phrase "to be in (someone)'s violets" refers to a person being heavily, perhaps dangerously drunk.

Beer and mudbeer are typical casual drinks, commonly served in taverns.[8] Among Unkalaki, mudbeer is also used for duels - the winner is decided by who can drink the most without passing out.[9]


Like most processes on Roshar, the act of drinking has its own dedicated spren. Winespren, or Alespren, appear near people who are heavily intoxicated, taking form of small bubbles clinging to nearby objects. They are considered quite rare, as they require a person to be deeply drunk before they appear; however, both Axies and Nazh attest to their existence.[10][2]