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Thanks for checking my User page out!

I've been reading books in the Cosmere since early 2017, starting with the Stormlight Archive series. I've been contributing to wikis for unpopular games for a long time, and after being captivated by the interconnected politics and magics of the Cosmere, I decided that I'd start contributing to The Coppermind on my first readthrough of one of the lesser-read Cosmere books: Warbreaker. I might go back and re-read Elantris after I've finished Warbreaker so I could do the same with the world of that book as well.

As for my personal life, I'm a mid-level front-end Software Developer from the United States with two cats who loves video games, cooking, and espresso making.

I'm proud to be an editor for this wiki and I'll do my best to ensure quality in my contributions.