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Stormlight is a form of gaseous Investiture brought by the Highstorms of Roshar. It is an integral part of Roshar's ecosystem, and it is used to fuel most of the magic systems found on the planet.


As a form of Investiture, Stormlight comes from the Spiritual Realm. It comes into the Physical Realm through the Stormfather in Highstorms.[1] Of the three possible forms of Investiture, solid, liquid and gas, Stormlight takes on the form of gas, and appears as a luminescent white vapor.[citation needed] Stormlight itself does not make things cold, even though it comes through the Highstorm. However, the process of a gas converting to a solid, such as when a Shardblade is formed, can cause a change in temperature and condensation.[2]

Stormlight can be collected and stored in different things, the most common being Gemstones. The most common way to collect Stormlight in a Gemstone is to leave it outside during a Highstorm.[3] The amount of Stormlight collected is not directly proportional to the strength of the Highstorm.[4] The amount of Stormlight a Gemstone can hold is directly proportional to the size of the Gemstone.[citation needed] While Gemstones are fairly good containers for Stormlight, the cut and flaws in the Gemstone make it so Stormlight will leak out of the stone over time.[5] However, perfectly cut Gemstones can be perfect containers and seemingly hold Stormlight indefinitely.[citation needed]

A person can also collect and store Stormlight in their body, although not inherently. The person must have gained access to a magic system, such as through the Nahel Bond, to be able to store and use Stormlight directly.[citation needed] The most common process for drawing Stormlight into the body is through physically and/or mentally[6] breathing it in. However, not everyone experiences this process exactly the same.[citation needed] 37? The body is a very imperfect container for Stormlight and consequentially Stormlight will leak from the body much faster than a Gemstone[citation needed] through the skin, the eyes, and the mouth. Someone holding Stormlight can hold it longer by holding their breath.[citation needed] Difference races have bodies that are more efficient at holding Stormlight that other races. For example, Voidbringers are more efficient than Humans.[citation needed](from books)[7]

Stormlight is an integral and essential part of Roshar's ecosystem, and as such its nature causes it to leave most any container, unlike Breath on Nalthis which is naturally sticky.[7] As Stormlight is used, the amount in the container holding it will be depleted and it is used-up.[citation needed] However it is a renewable resource and will regenerate in the Spiritual Realm to start the process all over.[8][9]

Stormlight can pass through solid matter, but only if the material is not overly thick. This allows the Stormlight to pass through the glass that holds Gemstones, or even containers made of stone other materials in a Highstorm to infuse the Gemstones.[10] Stormlight cannot pass through Aluminum.[11]

Stormlight is naturally luminescent and gives off light even when contained in Gemstones. Stormlight also generates light when held in a person, which can cause the person to have the appearance of glowing, most readily visible when not in direct sunlight.[12] However, it is the Stormlight that is glowing, not the skin of the person.[13] If the person holding the Stormlight sucks in their breath and holds it, they can reduce the glowing effect.[14]


As Stormlight is a form of Investiture, it is used to power the magic systems found on Roshar. The current most common use is to fuel the operation of Fabrials where a Stormlight infused Gemstone powers the function of the Fabrial. Stormlight is also used by Shardplates, which are not actually Fabrials but are considered as such in-world.[citation needed] Unlike normal Fabrials, Shardplate consumes Stormlight when it is being repaired or regrown, but then does not require any further Stormlight for it's normal operation.[citation needed] However, if Shardplate is damaged, Stormlight can be seen streaming from the cracks and breaks in the Shardplate.[citation needed]

Stormlight also fuels all Surgebinding abilities. The exact method and use of the Stormlight can vary by Surges, and different Surges consume different amounts of Stormlight. Surgebinding requires the Surgebinder to directly hold the Stormlight, but the process of drawing it from a source like a Gemstone and applying it to the Surge can be nearly instantaneous.

In addition to the Surges that are part of Surgebinding, anyone with a Nehal Bond gains a dramatic healing ability fueled by Stormlight. In the process, Stormlight repairs and aligns the body with the spirit, and can even heal damage done by Shardblade.[citation needed] However, this healing process also goes through a filter of how the individual views themselves, which can limit what gets healed in the body.[15][16].

Stormlight also fuels the process of the Parshendi converting their Form. This conversion requires a specific type of spren, one for each Form type, and significant amounts of Stormlight as can be found in a Highstorm. (Must it be in a high storm?) Once the conversion has taken place, the Parshendi maintains its new Form with all of its abilities, without any further Stormlight consumption.

Because of the luminescent nature of Stormlight when contained in Gemstones, infused Gemstones are commonly used as a light source on Roshar, much more convenient than fire. Most people carry a few gems with them at all times to use for light. As a result, Stormlight itself is a currency on Roshar, with infused Gemstones being more valuable that dun ones.[citation needed] This becomes more so when Urithiru is occupied and the need for Stormlight increases, especially when the Highstorm cycle is interrupted by the Everstorm and infused Gemstones become more rare.[citation needed]

Stormlight is also a currency in the Cognitive Realm of Roshar, with moneychangers in Celebrant storing it in perfect Gemstones which never go dun.[17][18] A device is used to transfer Stormlight from smaller gemstones into the perfect gemstones, and in exchange one receives credit which can be spent in the city.[18]


A Surgebinder that draws in Stormlight immediately experiences a veriety of effects and benefits:

  • Granted extra strength, speed, and endurance[19](the section where they are doing tests)
  • Can reduce the effects of cold.[20]
  • Can reduce the need to breath[21].
  • Can make someone sober.[22]
  • Can prevent fatigue.[23]
  • Causes the holder to feel energized, with a need to be active.[24]

A Surgebinder that has drawn and used large amounts of Stormlight can be left feeling drained and exhausted.[12] However, there are no toxic levels of Stormlight.[25] Continued use of Stormlight will have permanent effects on the body, the most obvious being eye color from dark to light.[citation needed] While there are extreme cases of changes to the bodies of those that use Soulcaster Fabrials, for example the Soulcaster Kaza became disfigured with parts of her body turning to smoke,[26] those changes are caused by the magic systems rather than Stormlight itself.[25]

In addition to effects on the bodies of those using Stormlight, it can have a large impact on the flora and fauna of Roshar. Stormlight helps extremely large animals with Gemhearts to not be crushed under their own weight[citation needed], allow others to fly[citation needed] and can possibly increase the rate at which plants grow.[27]

Additional Information[edit]

  • The additional strength that comes from Stormlight does not match the level of strength that comes from wearing Shardplate.[28][29]
  • A form of stormlight existed before Honor came to Roshar. [30][31]
  • Stormlight in use by one person resists being taken in and used by another person. [32](other)
  • Stormlight can be used to power other magic systems[33]


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