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Born Feb 21
Abilities Poorly Editing Wiki's
Bonded With Coffee
Skills Utilizing my ADHD for 17 things at once
Profession IT/CyberSecurity/OT
Species Nalthian

Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before pancakes

—Lopen misquoting the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant to an injured soldier - also my favorite Lopen quote![1]

Hi everyone, My name is Leafygeans (The Pancakeless). I started reading Brandon Sanderson works after a suggestion from a co-worker (Somewhere aroud 2014). He told me about these characters that could "burn" metal and it would give them powers. I thought, "this I gotta see." After that, I was hooked. I have utilized the Coppermind and the 17th Shard for years, but finally decided to start contributing this year.



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Contributions I'm proud of[edit]

  • I wrote the Tress Deadrunner page from scratch - which was super enjoyable...because PIRATES!
  • I wrote the Blended page from scratch (others have thankfully added on to it), but this was a fun one and my first true start-to-finish edit.
  • I've filled out large portions of each of Kelsier's Crew.
  • I added the original edits for the Sixth of the Dusk sequal (Which Stargazer BLESSEDLY built out with more history from additional WoBs)
  • I built the quotes page for Reen.

Contribution Table (30 days/top 25)[edit]

Last 30 days (Top 25)

Contribution Table Year[edit]

Last 365 days (Top 45)

Tress Cup challenge[edit]

  • Deadrunner - Complete
  • Gremmy - Complete
  • Bricks Tavern - Complete
  • Brick - Complete
  • Aunt Glorf - Complete
  • Sor - Complete
  • Gret ?