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Tindwyl portrait.png
by User: Luaru
Died c 1024 FE
Abilities Feruchemist
Aliases Mother of Terris
Profession Keeper
Groups Synod, Kelsier's crew
Nationality Terris
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Tindwyl is a Keeper of Terris.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

[2] Is “middle-aged, of lean build, and had her waist-length hair pulled back in a braid.”

[1] Tall. Earlobes elongated because of earrings. Is ‘perhaps 50’. Neither beautiful nor homely. ‘Sturdy, with a straightforward, rectangular face.’ “For some reason, Elend had expected a Terriswoman to seem a bit more servile.” Implying that she isn’t servile; notable? “Her stare was calm and firm, and it made Elend uncomfortable to hold it for long.” Ie confident


[2] Vin notices an unfamiliar Terriswoman at the Assembly meeting.

[1] Demoux and his men catch Tindwyl spying on Elend’s meeting with the crew. Elend recognizes her from the Assembly hall. She demands a private audience with Elend, to which Dockson and Ham are opposed. She counters that Elend is in no danger from as Vin is outside. Elend guesses that she is a Keeper, here at the request of Sazed. He agrees to speak with her alone.

[3] Tindwyl snaps her bonds. Elend calls for Vin, and Tindwyl reveals that Vin has actually left to go do her rounds, which is why she let herself be caught. She then circles Elend, studying him. She corrects his posture and his manner of speaking ('command!'). Elend, bewildered, demands to know what's going on which finally meets he approval. She introduces herself as Tindwyl, a Keeper of Terris. She continues to harshly correct him, and when he tries to excuse himself, she tells him his people think he is a fool. While he has good ideas, he lacks leadership abilities. When he counters that he spent the last year reading all the books he could find on leadership and governance, she says that he should have spent that time being seen by his people and learning to be a ruler. She then offers to teach him to be a better ruler, revealing that her area of expertise as a Keeper is the biographies of great men (kings, generals, emperors). Elend accepts her instruction. She nods, then notes that Vin has returned. Vin enters the room, and asks how she knew she was there. Tindwyl says that they should talk privately as well. Vin demands to know what Tindwyl is doing here, and Tindwyl notes her directness as contrasted to how long it took Elend to ask the same question. She makes to withdraw, and Elend asks whether there is anything he should start practicing. She responds that he should stop saying 'um'. Ham reenters the room, and Elend asks him to see that Tindwyl is given accommodations in the palace.


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