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This page lists awards and achievements that have been given to User: LadyLameness for their contributions to the Coppermind.

Awards and reasons
Copper (Book 3).svg A member of the Synod on the Coppermind.
Copper (Feruchemy).svg A Keeper on the Coppermind.
2 User has been around for 2 years.
LadyLameness joined in June 2018.
1K User has contributed 1000 edits to the Coppermind.
LadyLameness has made over 2,000 edits.
500K User has contributed 500000 bytes to the Coppermind.
LadyLameness has contributed over 500,000 bytes.
Bridge Four Badge.svg NaCoWriMo 2018
LadyLameness contributed over 25,000 bytes this November!
Gold award.svg This user contributed the most bytes during September 2018 & October 2018.
LadyLameness contributed 37,592 bytes.
Objective Award.png This user completed 2 objectives during July 2018.
LadyLameness updated Lirin and Hesina to completion.