Hi I'm Aaron. I'm on the Discord and Shard forums as King of Herdaz. I'm a big fan of Brandon's books, mainly the cosmere, but other non-cosmere, especially Skyward too. I started editing here when I noticed some small mistakes and made an account. I mainly do major edits between semesters when I'm off and have the time.


I have divided this section into active projects and projects which I have put on hold, as well as dividing the active projects into major, medium and minor. Major projects I work on when I have the time to sit down and do heavy work. Medium projects are involve working on smaller articles. Minor projects are simple things, usually relating to formatting and requiring almost no effort, that I work on when I'm bored and/or am not in the mood or don't have the time for serious work.


  • Once the White Sand omnibus comes out put some of that artwork (if we have/get perms) on the wiki.
  • Create a gallery template that automatically retrieves artist info like {{image}} does. This will likely be rather difficult.
  • Finish/update Dalinar's page.



  • Finish my guide for customizing the editing toolbar well before the TLM release.



On HoldEdit

White SandEdit

  • Overall content pages: I'm trying to get the status of these articles up to the level of the rest of the cosmere, starting with the stubs and moving up.
  • The White Sand Volume 2 summary page is written terribly and needs to be rewritten.
  • Completing all of the character pages

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