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Hi! I'm Hadhad. I live in the United States.

I discovered Brandon from the Wheel of Time. My favorite books are the first Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker. My favorite character from all his books is Vin.

My contributions: Hadhad's contributions.


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Metallic Arts project

All pages in category Mistborn that have any references to the magic system:

Mistborn: The Final Empire (looks good, in fact, a model for the progressive nature of knowledge); Mistborn: The Final Empire/Summary (Vin's description of atium); The Hero of Ages/Epigraphs has info from Sazed on the Metallic Arts, e.g. savant; The Bands of Mourning/Summary lots of new info in here; Allomancy (duh); All sixteen real metals, the god metals, malatium, and ettmetal; Ascension of the Lord Ruler; Compounding; Elend Venture; Feruchemy; Harmony esp. the speaking/hearing section; Hemalurgy; Kandra, Koloss, and Inquisitor since they are hemalurgic constructs; Metalborn; Metallic Arts; Metalmind; Miles Dagouter; Mist; Mistfallen article describes just Seers  ???; Ruin; Savant; Sazed; Snapping; Twinborn; Wax and Wayne