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Recent and ongoing wiki projects:

Including information about two Shards - one that Odium has killed [[1]] and one not attached to a planet [[2]].

Sandboxed version of the Surgebinding page

Projects on hold

Worked on existing pages that are clearly wrong (e.g. Hallandren) or pages that clearly more can be said (e.g. Vasher).

Created an Awakening template (unfortunately, also called "Awakening") and started to flesh out those pages. The Returned, Lifeless, and Nightblood pages need work. Unfortunately, we don't know everything about Awakening yet, so the pages reflect what we know from Vasher's explanations (which were confirmed as correct by Brandon) and other things Brandon has said.

Main characters in the finished series (Vin, Sazed, etc)

Major places (Elantris, T'Telir, Fadrex City, etc)

Touch up all of the pages about well-known magic systems (Aon Dor, etc)