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Vamah was watching them stand there, and his expression was as thunderous as a highstorm, angerspren boiling up from the ground around him like small pools of bubbling blood.

A common type of spren that appear around people experiencing anger. They, generally, have the appearance of pools of boiling blood bubbling up from the ground around the feet of the angry individual.[1]

Among the Parshendi, angerspren have the appearance of bolts of lightning that radiate out from the feet of the angry individual.[2]

In Shadesmar, they have an unspecified appearance but made a loud screeching noise that is described as being "reminiscent of sheets of steel grinding against one another" when attracted by anger.[3] Angerspren are said to be "nasty" and very dangerous even to other spren. The pools of boiling blood seen in the Physical Realm are actually saliva.[4]


A few anticipationspren—like red streamers, growing from the ground and whipping in the wind—began to sprout from the rock and wave among the soldiers.

A common type of spren that appear around people looking forward to something. They appear as red streamers that grow out from the ground and blow in the wind. They often appear around soldiers directly before a battle.[5] The streamer that appears in the Physical Realm is the tongue of the spren. The spren itself has a round bulbous body and is about the size of a human toddler. An anticipationspren will open its mouth and stick its tongue in the air when near feelings of anticipation.[6]


He thought he could faintly make out tiny spren, dark blue and shaped like little splashes of ink, clustering around the place where the rock met the wall.

Spren that appear around objects bound with a Full Lashing. They appear as small splashes of dark blue ink. Their relationship to the Lashings is not fully understood. Kaladin believes they are what hold the objects together, while Sylphrena disagrees, saying they could be attracted to the Full Lashing Kaladin had created.[7]


Fearspren—wiggling and violet—sprang up through the wood and wriggled in the air.

A common type of spren that appear around people experiencing fear. They have the appearance of small, violet globs that crawl up from out of the ground and gather around the feet of the fearful.[8] They seem to be attracted to the highest concentration of fear in an area; people experiencing less fear will fail to attract fearspren.[9]

Among the Parshendi, fearspren look like long purple worms.[10]. This is probably because they can see the entire antenna and not just the tip which humans see.

In Shadesmar, Fearspren appear as eel-like creatures with stumpy legs, ridges on their backs, and long purple antennae: the antennae appear to be the part that visually manifest in the Physical Realm. [11]


Tiny flamespren danced around [the torches], like insects made solely of congealed light.

A common type of spren that appear around fire. They appear as tiny insects made of congealed light.[8] They will often dance around flames, constantly changing in size, shape, and luminosity like the flames themselves.[12]

The ardent Geranid was studying flamespren when she discovered that if she measured them in someway the spren seemed to be "stuck" by that measurement.[12] This is similar to the physical process of wave-function collapse in quantum mechanics.


Below, his men cheered, sending up calls that rose above the Parshendi war chant. Gloryspren sprouted around him.

A type of spren that appear around people when they experience pride in their accomplishments. They appear as golden orbs of translucent light.[14]

In the Cognitive Realm, gloryspren appear as avian-like creatures with "bulbous bodies, long wings, and flowing tails" with a golden ball for a head.[15]


As he spoke, he attracted a few hungerspren. They looked like brown flies that flitted around the man's head, almost too small to see.

A type of spren that appears around people experiencing extreme hunger. They appear as tiny brown flies that flit around the hungry person.[16]


A few laughterspren—minnow-like silver spirits that darted through the air in circular patterns—began to zip about them.

A type of spren that appears in the presence of laughter. They have the appearance of small, silver minnows that dart in circular motions around those who are laughing.[17]


A few lifespren—tiny, glowing green specks—floated around the shalebark mounds. Some danced amid the rifts in the bark, others in the air like dust motes zigzagging up, only to fall again.

A common type of spren that appears around plant-life, particularly just after highstorms. They look like "motes of glowing green dust or swarms of tiny translucent insects."[19] In the Cognitive Realm, "their glowing green motes had tufts of white hair that rippled as they danced and bobbed".[3]

Rarely, lifespren may appear in particularly populated areas.[20]


There were said to be logicspren—in the form of tiny stormclouds—who were attracted to great arguments...

A rare type of spren that appear around great arguments. They take the appearance of tiny stormclouds.[21][22]


Painspren swarmed the ground, like small orange hands or bits of sinew, reaching up from the ground amid the blood of the fallen.

— The Way of Kings: Chapter Forty-Seven[23]

A common type of spren that appear around those experiencing pain. They have the appearance of sinewy, orange hands.[24] They crawl out of the ground and swarm the pained, latching on to the wounded areas.[25]


Passionspren, like tiny flakes of crystalline snow, floated down in the air around them.

— The Way of Kings: Chapter Sixty-One[26]

A type of spren that appears around those experiencing romantic passion. They look like small flakes of snow.[26]Passionspren appear around those experiencing other kinds of passion as well, like the Alethi Thrill.[27]


[Rainspren] were said to be the souls of raindrops...

— The Way of Kings: Chapter Forty-Four[28]

A type of spren that appears most often during the Weeping. The have the appearance of glowing, ankle-height, blue candles that, despite seeming to melt, never grow shorter. They have a single eye at the top of their body. They often stand in puddles. Kaladin also finds these spren "creepy." [28]


[The Purelake] was filled with tiny fish, colorful cremlings, and eel-like riverspren.

— The Way of Kings: Interlude One[29]

A common type of spren that appear in bodies of water such as rivers or the Purelake. They are often described as being "eel-like."[29] They are among the larger varieties of spren and have the ability to mimic faces and expressions as well as voices, often choosing to torment people while doing so.[16]


Rest... and keep that wound clean. We don't want to attract any rotspren. Let me know if you see any. They are small and red, like tiny insects.

— Kaladin[30]

A common type of spren that appear around infected tissue and rotting corpses.[16][31] They have the appearance of tiny red, translucent insects that gather around infected wounds.[30]

Unlike most spren, which most Rosharans believe are only attracted to their namesake, rotspren are said to be the cause of sickness and infection.[7] They are seen to be repelled by water and antiseptics such as Lister's oil, Knobweed sap, and Larmic mucus.[32][33]


Windspren were devious spirits who had a penchant for staying where they weren't wanted...

— The Way of Kings: Chapter Two[16]

A common type of spren that appear in the presence of wind. As one of the larger types of spren, windspren are able to change their appearance at will, though they often appear as "ribbons of light without form."[16]

The leading edge of a highstorm is home to "thousands upon thousands" of windspren.[34] Windspren are also a common sight at the tail of a highstorm "chasing after... the highstorm's last gusts."[35]

Windspren are closely related to honorspren, such as Sylphrena.[36] This perhaps evidenced by their ability to "stick things together"[16], making use of a rudimentary version of the Surge of Adhesion.[37] They generally use this ability to play pranks on people. For example, Kaladin describes sticking shoes to the stone (and causing the person to trip) as a "classic windspren trick".[38]

Windspren are a rare sight in Shadesmar, as they spend almost all their time in the Physical Realm. A windspren in Shadesmar is described as "a line of light like a pinprick in the air that trailed a long, soft luminescence". Their movements in the Cognitive Realm are similar to those in the Physical Realm.[39]


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