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Stormlight Archive[edit]

Things to be capitalized:

  • Shardbearer, Shardblade, Shardplate, Honorblade
  • Stormlight, Voidlight, Light
  • Immortal Words, Ideals, First Ideal
  • Knights Radiant and Orders of Knights Radiant (Windrunners, Dustbringers)
  • Magic systems and their users - Surgebinding, Surgebinders, Voidbinding, Old Magic, Surge, Soulcasters, Lashings, Gravitation
  • Mythological things - Heralds, Voidbringers
  • Place names, languages, and demonyms - Alethkar, Alethi, Jah Keved, Kholinar, the Shattered Plains
  • Military titles as part of a proper noun
  • Names for sapient spren not ending in spren - Cryptics and Reachers
  • Names for unique spren - the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher, the Sibling
  • Titles - Truthless, Assassin in White, Herald of War
  • Eras - Era of Solitude, Heraldic Epochs
  • Oathstone, Everstorm, Death Rattles, Oathpact
  • Unmade (noun)
  • Ba-Ado-Mishram, Ashertmarn, Nergaoul, Chemoarish, Re-Shephir, Moelach, Dia-Gonarthis, Sja-anat, Yelig-nar
  • Dates, such as Ishishach or Nan

Things to never be capitalized:

  • ardent, fabrial, spren
  • oath, first oath
  • Names for spren ending in -spren such as fearspren, honorspren, luckspren, inkspren
  • mandras
  • highstorm
  • unmake (verb)
  • Military titles when not used in a proper noun
  • General flora and fauna that aren't of mythological importance - skyeel, blackbane, chasmfiends, greatshells, larkin