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Rosharan card game is a card game played on Roshar.[1]

It is a game played by the Singers Khen and Sah, as well as by their previous masters.[1] Kaladin has also played it, and it appears to be a common game in Alethkar.[2] Khen's set of wooden, lacquered cards is of Herdazian make.[1] Cheaper, less durable cards are available, although they warp in the rain.[1]


Cards can be played from the barrack, an area that functions similarly to a player's hand in many card games. While in play, cards can be captured and they can capture other cards, although the specifics depend upon the ranks of the cards involved. Squires, for example, cannot capture unless supported by an allied card. On the other end of the spectrum, kings can capture any card except another king, and can only be captured by three cards working together, all of rank knight or higher. However, if a king is captured, the player it belongs to loses the game. This makes the decision to play the king a strategic one, since the great power in capturing is balanced by the risk of losing it. Many actions require the cards involved to be touching each other.[2][1]


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