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Life is much simpler when you can just assume that everyone is trying to kill you.


J.C. is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

J.C. is large, but lean, and has a square face and jaw.[2][3]

He has a hard time accepting that he is a hallucination, and hates being reminded of the fact.[2][4] Then, Arnaud comes up with a theory, explaining to J.C. that, since the universe and time is infinite, it is probable that somewhere, sometime, all the aspects were once "real" people. J.C. takes this to mean he is actually an Interdimensional Time Ranger.[5] However, when Audrey asks him if the future has flying cars, he instead begins to pretend he's from the future, and he uses this as an excuse to say odd swear-words, claiming they're "future swear-words."[6]

He is very paranoid.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

J.C. is a master gunman[2] and an ex-Navy SEAL.[7] He knows a lot about guns, and always has one on his person. He finds it easy to recognize the make and model of any gun.[4][8] Using guns is somewhat of a pastime for him, and Stephen's mansion has a firing range, likely for this very purpose.[2] Despite this, he sometimes fires them at targets indoors, and once even fired one at the ceiling of the White Room to quiet the aspects.[5] He also has subscriptions for all gun magazines, in every language, despite not reading any language but English.[9]

On two occasions, he has also been able to physically move Stephen to protect him, something that no other aspect has done. The first time, he guided Stephen's hands as he shot terrorists,[10] and the second he pushed Stephen in a way that made him exit a moving car safely.[11]


J.C. was shooting a picture of Osama bin Laden when Stephen asked him to stop. He continued shooting for a while but eventually stopped and checked in on Stephen while he and a few other aspects were entertaining a petitioner who turns out to be a grad student looking for research, but stayed outside the room. He checked in again when they opened the letter containing the picture of the Lone Cypress.[2]

Later, when Monica showed up, he advised Stephen to wear a gun, just in case. During the conversation when Monica hires Stephen, he endured being the butt of several jokes.[12] Stephen brought him along to Razon's house, where he identified both the gun kept by Razon and the one carried by Monica, raising questions about both.[4] Stephen took him along to Jerusalem. On the plane ride there, he made fun of Kalyani, a new linguist aspect.[13] While in Jerusalem, J.C. carried a duffel with an M4A1 carbine in it, claiming he has contacts in Jerusalem able to supply him with such. He got carried away in an argument with Ivy and ended up making out with her in a secluded alcove of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Upon discovery by Stephen, he rejoined the other aspects.[7] When Stephen was knocked out, Stephen imagined that his captors took all of his aspects hostage alongside him, so J.C. ended up together with Stephen and all the aspects present in custody of the Abu Sayyaf. He untied the other aspects but feigned inability to untie Stephen and Monica so he doesn't have to admit that he isn't real. He accompanied Stephen while Stephen failed to fix Razon's camera. When Monica's escape provoked a shooting match, he helped Stephen to shoot all of the terrorists with one of their own guns. A barely-alive terrorist pulled the pin on a grenade, injuring Stephen.[10] Back at Stephen's mansion, J.C. continued to argue with Ivy.[14]

J.C. died in simulation gunfight, kissing Ivy.[15]



J.C. bickers constantly with Ivy, although the two have a love-hate relationship,[7] and at one point he even suggests to Stephen that he should imagine her looking better.[3]


J.C. is one of Stephen's older aspects[citation needed] and they have a mutual respect, although Stephen (and the other aspects) occasionally jest about J.C.'s usefulness.[12] J.C. calls him Skinny, presumably referring to his smaller build when compared to J.C.[2] Stephen usually takes him along for most things, along with Ivy and Tobias.[4][5]



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