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Abilities Connector
Profession Explorer
Ethnicity Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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I suspect Jak was hallucinating through this entire section, a result of the trauma to his head. Upon doing this edit, I wished several times to be similarly afflicted.

—Handerwym's annotations[1]

Handerwym is a Terrisman in post-Catacendre Scadrial who is known for following Allomancer Jak on his advantures and editing his works for the public.[1]

Appearence and Personality[edit]

In none of Jaks adventures is an illustration, nor a description, of Handerwym given making it unknown as to how he appears. It is known that he was a terris man and that his parents were also terris, beyond this however no other concrete information is available. It can be guessed that his appearance was somewhat distinctive as in one adventure Jak claimed that he recogonised Handerwym solely form his hands waving in the air, from this as well it can be presumed that he was of average or below average height. The only refernce Jak gives as to his metal minds states that he kept them loose around his wrists.[2]

He is often separated from Jak in his adventures, leaving him skeptical as to whether the action as described by Jak actually took place. His annotations are often satirical and express doubt as to whether Jak's descriptions are accurate. He is annoyed at Jak for his terrible grammar and spelling and is extremely annoyed when people buy the stories without his editing. He believes that getting Jak to improve his writing is far more difficult than Jak's adventures in the Roughs. He left Elendel because the lack of intelligence among the Elendel public was driving him crazy. So, he could either leave or kill himself, the latter of which would violate his pacifist oaths.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Handerwym is a Connector,[3] there is no known case of him using his abilities during his adventures with Jak however Jak does mention that he kept his metalminds on him during their travels.[2]


Adventures with Jak[edit]

Handerwym and Jak initially crossed paths during an unknown incident that involved Jak rescuing from drowning in a lake.[4] Following this event Handerwym continued to travel with Jak, eventually with an agreement being reached where Handerwym would serve as his editor. To his frustration however Jak would often get in arguements with Handerwym about the details of his story and insisit he not change his more outlandish claims, Jak was less attentive with his published book collections however giving Handerwym the chance to offer an uncensored commentary to his stories.[1] At some stage he also made the acquitance of Elizandra Dramali.

While travelling with Jak the group eventually ended up at the Pits of Eltania where they made contact with a group of Koloss living there. Handerwym was treated well by the native Koloss due to his Terris heritage while Elizandra was recogonized for her Koloss heritage and as such treated with respect. For reasons unknown Jak was to be executed and had his weapons confiscated. Before he could be killed Handerwym formed a connection with one of the Koloss and used this to retrieve Jak's firearm, then while he was being sent away to be killed Handerwym approached and under the guise of giving him a hug handed it to him.[4]

Breakup with Jak[edit]

In the years following the discovery of the Bands of Mourning Jak continued to publish his stories and by happenstance discovered a large amount of Survivor artifacts.[citation needed] Whilst expanding his business Jak decided to invest in new forms of media entertainment and in order to fund these ventures took a stake out of Handerwym's ownership in the company. This led to a public falling out between the two with the judge ultimately siding with Handerwym. Jak continued to be published in the Sentinel of Truth while Handerwym kept exclusive access to The Two Seasons as well as other paper's. Nicelle Sauvage would continue under Handerwym's banner.[5]



Jak agreed to not publish the details of how his invested art worked.[4]

Jak referred to himself as Handerwym's master.[4]


Handerwym is not Hoid and is a native of Scadrial.{[wob ref|10629}}


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