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{!{literature |world=Scadrial|city=Elendel |books=The Alloy of Law }} The Elendel Daily is a broadsheet published in Elendel.[1]

4th of Doxil, 341[edit]

The front page of an issue for the 4th of Doxil, 341; is spread out over four pages (at the start of chapters 3, 8, 13 and 16) of The Alloy of Law. It includes two stylized symbols for Tin in the heading. Edition 20aluminum19brassduraluminbendalloy[2][3]

It has a serialization of the story of Allomancer Jak's adventures to the Pits of Eltania.

There was also a report on the adventures of the Ironsights, a ship lost at sea for two years.

Allomancer Jak[edit]


A New Tale of the Roughs!


In our exclusive series, Allomancer Jak continues his exploits exploring the distant Roughs.

In this installment, he writes of the days he spent in the infamous Pits of Eltania, where Koloss tribes rule the land and precious, unknown metals can be discovered. Full story below the fold. One hundred percent true and from the pen of the explorer himself!


Exploring the Pits of Eltania!

My dear editor, and by way of you, my dearest readers: I trust that my missive finds you well and in the possession of a willing ear, for the incredible events that transpired in my recent experience may strike you with incredulity and shock. I vow to you in earnest assertion that each and every word I write to you is true and factual. I live these tales so that you may learn of the Roughs and the fascinating people who live out here beyond the mountains, beyond the law, and beyond cultured reason.

When I wrote my previous missive, I was certain that my end had come. Indeed, I was captured and held by the brute koloss of the Pits of Eltania, and had been told that on the morrow, I would be executed and my flesh feasted upon. I feared a gruesome end, and I will admit that I found myself in earnest prayer to the Survivor that any night! If anyone needed the protection of He Who Lived, it was I!

You may assume from my writing here that I have escaped. Well, in part that is true; but I have not left the camp of the blue-skinned koloss. Indeed, I write you this letter from the very chamber where I was held to be executed on that night. Only now, it is not a prison, but a grand palace! At least, so do the savages holding me consider it. To me, it remains merely a mud-floored hut. Sleeping beneath the stars would be more preferable, especially if I could have had Miss Dramali by my side. But my quest to locate where she has been taken will need to wait for later.

The koloss do try to make my accommodations fit. They have brought me dead animals to feast upon, and have built me a fire, a sign that they consider me worthy of grand attention. And they have given me several weapons of then own construction. As I have mentioned before, those weapons are of incredibly fine make. I had thought creatures such as these incapable of beautiful craftsmanship.

But, I dally in the insignificant. Please forgive me; my mind continues to reel at the events of this week. For, indeed, I believe that I have not only been spared death, but named king of this tribe!

It began on the dawn of my aforementioned execution. After being dragged awake in a not too-kind fashion, I found myself beneath the blaring sun, trudging across the red, dusty ground. The brutes stood in silent lines, watching me with beady eyes, their skin a darkened blue, the color of a fine blue scarf if it had been singed by fire and charred. Red dust stained their bodies, and many wore the most bare of clothing.

I owe my life to Handerwym. Faithful Handerwym. I bless the day I pulled him from that lake, sodden and near drowned. The faithful Terrisman, though sworn not to harm or kill, has proved his worth a hundred times. The koloss seemed to respect him, you see, and allowed him a final approach to embrace his master, soon to be murdered in the most bleak of fashions.

Upon that embrace I found my Glint - my trusty revolver - slipped into my hand, bound behind my back. I asked how he slipped it away from the koloss, and he explained that he had made use of one of his metalminds to create a connection to the koloss. It is an arcane art he uses, unexplored and unknown, and he wishes for me to write very little in the way of explanation, as he regards its power as sacred.

Well, I was armed, but still bound. Connection notwithstanding, the koloss pulled him away, though they didn’t seem to realize what he had done. I had never had reason to bless the overly long sleeves of the jacket I received in exchange from that bandit so many weeks ago, but in this case, they may have proved my salvation.

When I tell you of this shot, I ask that you not think too highly of me. Indeed, it was more chance than skill that proved my friend that day. I had managed to wiggle my way free of the bonds slightly, so that I could move one hand down below the other. I twisted the gun in my fingers and was able to lay it flat against my palm, the barrel pointing upward along my arm. At the last moment before I was to meet the headsman, I ducked my head forward and pulled the trigger.

Preservation prevailed, and though I felt the bullet graze the back of my head, it also passed through my bindings. A quick jerk of my hands freed me at that point, and though I was exhausted, I still had some small amount of tin left inside of me. I burned it, enhancing my senses, and raised the gun to shoot the executioner between the eyes. Koloss are strong, but event they can fall to a bullet in the right place.

The next shot felled the largest of their leaders. I had hoped this alone would secure me with their awe, but while it gave them pause, it did not make them free me. Glint had been loaded with only three bullets when I left her; I looked to Handerwym, and he shook his head grimly. He had not had the ammunition to reload her.

I was left with one bullet and an entire village full of monsters. I will not lie and say I was confident in my chances! However, I should mention to you a curious aspect about the koloss. You see, ever since their first interaction with me, they had been insistent that anyone may join them. Any man they deemed worthy could be made koloss, they claimed. Indeed, several of their most brutish and powerful warriors claimed to have once been men from the City. Obviously false, but there is something in their mindset that makes them think this way.

And so, with my single bullet, I decided to prove to them that I was worthy to join them. Only a test of the greatest skill would provide this proof, I decided, and so, I raised the gun and –

Continued next week!!


House Tekiel Unveils The "Breaknaught"[edit]

Claiming it will revolutionize security and transportation, Reshelle Tekiel announced her House's new vault-style train car, intended for the transportation and protection of valuable goods via railway. The car is on display for the public at the Evergall Trainyards until the 19th. Designed specifically as a response to the terrible and ever-increasing rise in bandit attacks by such groups as the infamous "Vanishers," the new Breaknaught train car is fabricated from the finest steel, designed upon the latest modern lines and sealed by a massive door and lock identical to those found upon the vaults of Tekiel’s own banking houses.

The timing mechanism of this scientifically advanced lock guarantees that once sealed, the railcar cannot be reopened until well after it has reached its destination. Thus the Breaknaught allows even the most concerned of gentlemen to rest secure in the certainty that their valued cargo may travel unmolested along the lines of the Elendel Basin and the lands beyond.

Indeed, this is a greater concern than ever in light of the recent attacks upon those traveling the railways near our fair Elendel itself. None are safe from the ravenous ways of the Vanishers, stripping ladies and lords of their precious valuables at gunpoint. While blood has yet to be spilled in their attacks, they have recently begun adding kidnapping to their list of sins, and it seems only a matter of time before injury results.

Rather than wait for the painfully slow machinations of other house lords to de-fend lives and goods from these thieves through Senate procedure, House Tekiel has stepped forward once again with an ingenious solution that takes an active hand in battling these villains.

The Phantom Railcar (about the Vanishers)[edit]

Described by Witnesses!

In this harrowing report, three witnesses tell of the night their train was robbed by the Vanishers. One of them is the train engineer herself, and she explains in great detail the ghostly apparition. Discover the facts for yourself, and see why this Phantom is too quiet, too bright, and too unworldly to be anything other than a force from beyond. Experts from the university compare train disasters to determine which is the apparition's origin, and the death lists give insight as to what the phantoms may desire. Exclusive reporting, only found here! Reverse side.

Is There Life Across the Ocean?[edit]

Two years ago, the coastal exploration vessel the Ironsights was taken by a terrible storm and blown into the ocean deeps. Out of sight of land, there was no way to navigate properly, and the brave sailors found themselves praying for their lives as they sailed back eastward in the hopes of striking land.

Harmony favored them, and they eventually found land - a strange island filled with unusual animals. There they also found a refugee, a sole survivor with a terrible story of his ship being taken by a strange seafaring people.

Now, long after their loved ones had given them up for dead, the sailors have returned to civilization, bearing with them this refugee. His story is one of fright, worry, and wonder. Read on, as we uncover the truths of the people of the oceans and their mystical Unknown Metals. Full story, reverse side.

Ironeyes Sightings on the Rise![edit]

Reports are flooding the city: sightings of Ironeyes himself. When Death stalks the streets of Elendel, how can you know that you are safe? Printed here are sixteen tips proven to keep Ironeyes from your home. Wards are included to make him pass over you while sleeping, and to frighten him if the worst happens and you encounter him in person. Exclusive report on the back, fourth column. Don't be one of the few left without proper protection, Read on, or else!

The Faceless Immortals Saved My Life![edit]

A woman in the Fifth Octant suffered a harrowing experience when a fire broke out in her tenement. She and her children were saved by a shadowy figure she swore was wearing the face of her departed husband. A sighting of one of the Faceless Immortals? Delusion? Simple fancy? You decide. Story on the reverse, in the fifth column.

Union Leader Abandons Solidarity with Trade Union Party Members[edit]

In a surprise switch from party line position, Trade Union Leader Elors Durnsed announced his intention to set aside any objection to the closure of further negotiations between representatives of the United Tradeworkers Union and the Noble Houses Collective in their ongoing agreement disputes. Rumors of a series of secret meetings, taking place between the Union leader and private citizens whose interests are aligned with the Houses remain a matter of speculation, with all questions on the matter brushed aside.

The announcement was greeted with near-violent derision from members of the Trade Union Party interviewed by this broadsheet. A Line Riveter at the site of the Ironspine Building who gave his name as Brill told this reporter that Mr. Durnsed should "bloody well keep his head clear of these parts if he knows what’s what." Before he could expand upon this statement, his local union representative intervened and gave assurances that the man was speaking metaphorically. However, the mood of the assembled Line Riveters and Shovelmen was decidedly against Mr. Durnsed.

The decision by the Union Leader means that the contract as written holds now through the remainder of the financial quarter. Subsequent to this revelation, industry stocks were trading generally higher, and even recently depressed Tekiel shares began to show positive activity.

Feltri Proven to be Rioter![edit]

Alloran Feltri, long favored to win the Canalworkers 2nd Seat in this fall’s elections, is rumored to have been using Allomantic abilities to create supporters. In a scandal sure to rock the city to its foundations, a former mistress has come forward to expose all. Complete story on reverse side, third column.


Horseless Carriages are a Menace![edit]

Horseless Carriages are a danger to our city and our way of life. These soulless contraptions haven't the common sense of a horse and coachman, both of whom are trained through years of practice and licensing to protect their passengers from danger. Statistics show that wrecks and fatalities are common with motorcars. Do not put your life, or the lives of your loved ones at the mercy of something cold, steel, and lifeless. Stand up for what is right:


Paid for by the coachman’s union. The words of this advertisement do not reflect the opinions of the editors or staff of this broadsheet.

Briggs & Son's Buy Metals[edit]


We will purchase your scrap metals at competitive rates! Purity not a problem! Briggs & Sons, Licensed Metallurgists 3217 Smelter’s Row, 6th Oct.

Vote Feltri![edit]

vote for PASSION! vote for FREEDOM! vote for FELTRI!

A message from Canalworkers for Feltri

The Automobile is Superior to the Horse![edit]

A recently commissioned, fair and scientific study by the Association of Transport Interests shows that the Motored Carriage has many advantages over the common Horse and Buggy. The Automobile is capable of sustaining speeds surpassed only by the finest train engines, and never tires of the long road. Never again need you fear to lose your mount to predators or privation when traveling distant lands! Never must you feed or clean up after a thankless beast of burden. Be not a Slave to your Coachman!


The Association of Transport Interests is a division of the Greater Basin Automotive Conglomerate, and is responsible for the content of this message.

Mistress Halex Pain Relief[edit]

Mistress Halex, Allomancer, has opened a new Soothing Parlor. Within its relaxing confines, one can find relief from stress, anxiety, and concern - leaving with a light heart and a soaring mind. Our reporter visits the parlor to give a detailed report of what goes on. A luxurious massage, sweet scents, and a Soother on duty to give a unique “Emotional Massage” leave you feeling as good on the inside as you do on the outside. Read the report on the back, column seven.

Metalurgics Allied looking for Allomancers[edit]

All varieties. Coinshots, Pewterarms for industrial work or protection. Temporal Allomancers for time manipulation. Soothers, Rioters for dinner party amusement. Some Feruchemists available with advance warning. Metalurgistics Allied, Carronberry, Square, 7th Oct. Are you Metalborn and wish to earn what you deserve? Call in now; ask for Jarrington.

Immerling Arms revolvers[edit]

The patented Immerling Break-Frame Mechanism ensures a faster, smoother reload when you need it most! That’s one more reason that season law-keepers name Immerling as their Weapon of Choice! (model 44 for great accuracy!) (model 44-5 for great discretion!) IMMERLING ARMS Est. 314

Brigs Wennington lighting[edit]

Cultivated gentlemen in all octants agree; Only electric lights will do! DO NOT BE CAUGHT IN THE DARK! Send runner to Brigs Wennington with # of rooms for estimate. 4567 Cunning Pl., 5th Oct.


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