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This is a proposed policy for the Coppermind. Feel free to edit it and/or comment on its talk page.

This manual details the conventions of The Coppermind with regards to writing articles, titles, sections and linking.

While these represent the conventions we wish to follow they remain simply guidelines and may be ignored if dong so would create a better article.

Style of writing[edit]

All articles should strive towards a formal, encyclopedic writing style. As such, contractions and colloquial language should be avoided.

Correct spelling and grammar should be used at all times. Since Brandon Sanderson is himself American, American spelling will be used throughout the wiki.

Article naming[edit]

All articles should have a short concise title. Only the first word and any proper nouns should be capitalized. Proper nouns include names of people and places as well as anything the is consistently capitalized in the books themselves.


In the case where two separate articles would share the same title each should be moved to "Article name (descriptor)" while "Article name" will become a disambiguation page. If two articles have similar names but may be confused by searchers then each should be marked at the top with a brief note with a link to the other article.

Character articles[edit]

Where possible, character articles should be located under their full name if this is known. The only exception to this policy should be when the character is known primarily by another designation.

Book articles[edit]

The full title, as it appears on the cover should be used.


Each article should be broken up into sections with short explanatory headings. This may be done by typing "==Section heading==". In addition, subsections may be used if needed by typing "===Sub-section heading===".

As with article titles only the first word and any proper nouns should be capitalized.


The first instance of any topic in the text of an article should be linked to. If it is necessary to alter the text of a link to fit in with the text of the article this may be done by typing [[Article name goes here|Text you want to appear in the article]] e.g [[Mistborn trilogy|Mistborn]] results in Mistborn.

Links should always lead directly to the desired article without first linking to either disambiguation pages or redirect pages.