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Hello and welcome to my userpage!
I am Beligaronia, the friendly neighborhood admin of the Coppermind wiki!
If you need anything done leave me a message on my talk page!


I am an inclusionist wikipedian, meaning that I view a wiki as a sacred enterprise, a representation of man's eternal quest for knowledge, always adding and changing while losing none of its information or value. Each article moving from humble beginnings striving ever towards perfection through the collaborative efforts of many users working towards a common goal. In short, I think a wiki is a serious business.

I live in a small damp city at the bottom of a small damp country known as New Zealand. When I am not obsessively editing this wiki or stalking the Recent Changes I am likely at the University of Otago where I study Mathematics.

I first discovered Brandon Sanderson after picking up Mistborn: The Final Empire on a whim at the public library. Hooked I quickly devoured Elantris and then settled down for the long wait until Mistborn: The Well of Ascension came out. Other authors I enjoy include Terry Pratchett, David Weber, Mercedes Lackey and Charles Stross.