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Bonds are connections between entities in the Cosmere that exist outside the Physical Realm. Depending on the Shard world, its type, and its constituent entities, the Bond will provide different things. Bonds are typically formed between entities with greater-than-normal Investiture(i.e. Spren) and other entities, allowing them to gain enhancements of some form. It is unknown if a person with only innate Investiture is able to create a Bond.[1] Bonds are not limited to connections of entities with greater-than-normal Investiture to innately invested entities; they can also be made between two entities with greater-than-normal Investiture.[2]

Types of known Bonding Entities[edit]

Spren: Entities of the Cognitive Realm

Sapient Awakened entities in an inorganic host: Intelligent inorganic entities created through the use of Breath.

Seons: Intelligent entities with connections to AonDor

Aviar: Birds infested with symbiotic worms native to the Pantheon

Bonds By Shard World[edit]

Roshar Bonds[edit]

The Nahel Bond: This Bond is between a human and a Spren. The Nahel Bond Provides access to the System of magic known as Surgebinding to the human, while granting intelligence to the Spren. There are ten known forms the Nahel Bond can take, each giving access to two different Surges. See Surgebinding and Nahel Bond for more information.

Listener Bond: The Listeners (Parshendi) can bond a with Spren, and this grants the Listeners a Form (physical and mental change). Not all Spren grant a unique Form most Spren give the listeners Dull Form. Without a Spren Listeners exist in what is known as Slaveform (Parshmen). Listeners in Slaveform have very little mental capacity and are extremely docile. Dullform Gives more free will and a small increase in mental capacity, Slave and Dull Form are physically similar. Listeners can not become Surgebinders but Forms of power exist that grant abnormal abilities to the Listeners. See Listener for more information on Forms.

Shard blade: Shardblades are able to bond with people through the use of charged gemstones. The gem is placed in the hilt of the blade and after a week of constant contact the blade is bonded, and can be dismissed from and recalled to the Physical Realm. Once bonded the blade can be dismissed and recalled by syncing with the user's heart to the blade, ten heart beats are required. A person's iris will lighten during the bonding process. Surgebinding is not granted by this bond.

Void Bonds: Nothing is known at this time about Voidbinding.

Lesser Spren Bonds: Non-intelligent Spren are able to form bonds with humans[3] This Bond does not grant Surgebinding.

Other Spren Bonds: Certain spren bond with native life on Roshar enhancing them and granting ability to the animals. Confirmed animals to have these bonds are Chasm Fiends, chulls, and Sky eels.

Honorblades: Do not bond with humans in the way that Shard blades do.[citation needed]

Sel Bonds[edit]

Seons: A Seon is able to create Bonds with people and Elantrians. Little is known of this Bond other than that the Seon follows and helps the person it is bonded too, functioning in a servant position to the owner of the bond. This Bond does not provide an innate ability to find the human connected to the Seon. Seons will automaticaly seek out a new person to bond with following the death of its master; often the new master has been prearranged. During the time of the Reod while the Shaod was unable to finish forming an Elantrian from a human, any Seon Bonded to a Elantrian lost its mind and would float around the city, often near their master. This Bond grants new unknown powers to the members of the Bond while on Roshar and is very similar to a Nahel Bond. [4] [5]

First of the Sun Bonds[edit]

Aviar: Aviar's create a bond with a person and grant a specific power based of the type of Aviar bonded. Aviar are granted their ability if raised on one of the pantheon islands and consume a worm native to the island. See Aviar for more information. Has no known effect on Roshar.

Other Worm Infected Animals Other Birds besides native island Aviar are able to eat the worms and create a Bond with a new effect (i.e. Sak). It is unknown if eating the worms will grant new abilities to other non bird animals.

Nalthis Bonds[edit]

Sentient Awakened Entities in an Inorganic Host: Only known entity of this kind is Nightblood. Nightblood is a sentient sword made using 1000 breath and the command to destroy evil. It makes a bond with anyone with whom, it wishes to communicate, and it is able to read and speak with minds directly. [6] Distance appears to be a factor, but this may be a limitation of the mind of Nightblood and not its ability. Nightblood, while idle, reaches out to other people ether repulsing them with great nausea, even inducing vomiting if they attempt to draw the blade, or creating a desire to use the blade. Anyone who is able to wield Nightblood and survive, Bonds with the blade to a greater degree and is no longer repelled by or abnormally drawn to use it.[7] Those unable to control Nightblood are controlled by it, in effect Nightblood wields them killing everyone around and absorbing all of the Investiture from the victim including the spark of life(i.e. the soul).This bond may grant additional powers on Roshar.[8]

Scadrial Bonds[edit]

No Bonds are known of on this shard world.

Of note is that by using Hemalurgy, Bonds my be stolen and given to a new person.[9] [10]

The Known effect of Bonds while on other Shard worlds[edit]

Bonds created using Investiture from each Shard have unknown effects when used away from their home Shard world.


It has been confirmed that at least one Bond other than the Nahel Bond will provide powers to the constituent entities of that Bond, what these powers are is unknown, and will not be of the ten Surges. At this time only the Seon Bond is confirmed to do this, as the Nahel bond and the Seon bond are very similar. [5]