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Lives in the US, member of the 17th shard, the Arcanum, and the Coppermind (duh), spends most of his time reading or in the Alleyverse subforum, is also a member of the Reckoners RP and Sanderson Elimination, along with the PM rps Mission Flight, Writers Radiant, and Fanwings. He started Sanderson with Alcatraz, in first grade, then didn't read again until sixth grade. Has read all of the Cosmere, Skyward, Alcatraz, Reckoners, Rithmatist, and Legion. Has signed copies of Steelheart, Warbreaker, Arcanum Unbounded, Rithmatist, Skyward (Personalized), White Sand, and White Sand 2. Is the best person to ever exist. Has a big ego.